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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for FIREFLY

Fox Network killed an awesome Science Fiction Show. 

It is hard to think that they did NOT WORK to make it NOT succeed.

Guess in what order they aired the episodes? 

2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 1. 

That's right: they aired the PILOT LAST!!

The episodes, 11-13 were unaired.

No wonder FIREFLY got low ratings. 

The audience didn't know what was going on or why!

Their ship was named after the Battle of Serenity Valley, where Mal and Zoe were on the losing side.

It is revealed in "Bushwhacked"

that the Battle of Serenity Valley is widely considered the loss which sealed the fate of the Independents.

By the last episode, "Objects in Space",

the fractured character of River has finally become whole,

partly because the others decided to accept her into their "family" on the ship.


  1. Kind of a shame they didn't plan that better and aired the pilot last instead of first. Didn't give it much of a chance to see if it would take off and people would enjoy watching it.


  2. Sometimes you have to wonder whether F**** ups like that are accidental or not.

  3. I'm popping in from the A to Z challenge.
    I'm not much of a movie person.
    I think I can count one one hand, all the movies that have made an impression on me...
    Hope you're well, Roland! *waving*

  4. Wow, that order? What were they thinking? I have to say that I've not seen this show. Need to put it on my list.

  5. Why would the network for FireFly do that? Makes no sense. (Also, I've never heard of the show.)

    Precious Monsters

  6. Damn you, Fox! Yes, no wonder fans were confused. You can watch all of them on NetFlix or buy the DVD set and watch them in order.

  7. Firefly was epic! And I loved the movie too! But they aired the pilot last? That is really weird.

  8. I have no words... none, nope! nada, no way!

  9. Hi Roland .. I've had it done for private viewings of things - totally accidental .. but from a professional network - cracked, or crazy .. or how exceedingly unfair to Firefly ...

    Cheers Hilary

  10. Firefly is big today. A lot of people including myself loved that show. Fox cancelled it far too quickly.

  11. It says something in that not many series cancelled before the end of the first season merits a motion picture.

  12. Wondering what their strategy was or if they had one.

  13. Betty:
    The executives who decided the order obviously didn't understand Science Fiction -- or they wanted the show to fail. Sigh.

    Elephant's Child:
    It is my belief that addled order of showings was intentional as to kill it.

    Waving back! :-) I believe that TV and the movies are the modern forms of Morality Plays -- which tends to explain the current state of our nation! :-)

    It was a good show. The captain was a man who had lost his faith when the right side of the war lost. But the show balanced Mal with Book, a man of God. The show makes you laugh and breeds a sense of family.

    Firefly is sort of a legend in the shadowlands, so to speak. :-) And when that much money is on the line nothing like that happens by "accident." Certain executives wanted it to fail.

    I bought the DVD set, You can find an inexpensive set on the net easily. I watch and re-watch certain episodes. :-) I have a movie poster autographed by all the cast.

    Another Firefly fan! Yes, I enjoyed it, too. I only discovered it on DVD, The network had to have done it on purpose.

    Yes, that kind of stupidity on a network's part is beyond words!

    It was unfair to the cast and crew of Firefly -- and to all the people who loved it. :-(

    Yes, even without the aid of syndication, Firefly is HUGE today. FOX wanted to be to cancel it early for some office politics sort of reason. Sigh.

    You're right. It puzzles me. FOX could have their own STAR TREK but went out of their way to kill it.

    I think their strategy was to kill it. You don't air the pilot last and expect the audience to know what is going on. Thanks for visiting and staying to chat awhile. :-)

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  15. Now I'm interested in watching the episodes on Netflix. As for FOX: How crazy it is out there. Not only FOX but so many others will do the most maddening things. When I your title Firefly, I thought of little flashing insects at night. Now I know it refers to something that symbolically is similar to the flitting little critters...darting here, darting there in no reasonable order....Does sound like FOX was out for the kill.

  16. Ann:
    I think you will enjoy the show: the humor, the sense of family (squabbles included!). It does sound like FOX wanted to kill it, doesn't it? I am so happy to see you here again! If you send me your physical address, I will send you a print copy of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH. :-)

  17. I never watched Firefly, sad to say, but that guy in the youtube image is in another show now where he plays a writer-detective who works with a female investigator. The name of the show escapes me, but he's a good actor.

  18. D.G.:
    Nathan Fillion is his name and the show is CASTLE. It makes me laugh. It is good to see that most of the stars of FIREFLY went on to other jobs. Adam Baldwin went on to DAY BREAK, CHUCK, and now THE LAST SHIP. The actress who played Nathan's love interest went on to the reboot of V and now is on GOTHAM.

    I think you would enjoy FIREFLY.

  19. I bought this wonderful show on DVD after Fox already cancelled it. I had no idea they screwed it up so royally in the order they played the episodes. Someone at that network is a real dumbass. Maybe several someones. Was that mean? If so, I stand by it. Firefly was a great show and should have had a long life.

  20. I've just bought Firefly on DVD as I've heard so many good things about it. I plan to watch it once I've finished re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Funnily enough, I just saw the episode with the crazy priest (played by Nathan Fillion) last night! I didn't realise he was in Firefly until seeing your post.

  21. Robin:
    No, not mean -- accurate. FOX was mean to scuttle their own program ... unless it made them money somehow. Firefly was indeed a great show and deserved many seasons.

    If you like Nathan in Firefly, you might try Castle --- it's tongue-in-cheek and fun, too, but in a different way. :-)

  22. I've only caught one Firefly episode in reruns and it looked interesting, but I have to say its fans are RABID, so there really must have been something to the show. It's maddening when a show with so many devoted followers is messed over by people in suits in offices who can't even do their jobs correctly.

  23. Helena:
    The fans felt ROBBED -- perhaps that is why they are so rabid. I think arranging for it to fail helped someone in some shady office politics. :-(