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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saving The World One Ill Patient At A Time

I drove 417 miles today 
into the night,
 working 13 hours straight.  
I just dragged in.

As you can see:

Midnight was worried sick about me! 

I write this 
to let you know 
why I have not been to many 
of your WEP Ribbons & Candles 
and commented.

I just have to get some sleep
since I am still on call
for the rest of the weekend.

Even Night Owls Need A Little Sleep!


Having a Blue Christmas?

I am probably the last person who remembers Shotgun Red - a puppet who appeared on the late lamented NASHVILLE NOW.

On his Christmas Special, Shotgun was driving in the snowy night, trying to reach his family before Christmas.

He kept switching radio channels but no matter what station he found, the tune BLUE CHIRSTMAS blared out: 

Elvis, Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson ...

When he turned to the last station he could get and got the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing it, Shotgun raised his head and howled like a wolf.

Is that Blue Christmas wolf howling inside you right now?

There are ways to starve it and feed the Serene Wolf within:


You may be expected to show up at a family gathering, or to attend a certain set of social events, but if you are not going to feel comfortable in certain environments,

 then simply decline an invitation.

Choosing when to step out and mingle and when to have a quiet night in,

 no matter what day your calendar says, is a great practice in self-care and a great way to avoid a blue Christmas this year.


We are much more likely to make poor decisions when we feel Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired, so taking time to check in with your current mental and emotional states is important.

Did you choose wisely and commit to a party that you are now feeling too tired to attend?

You have the right to not go.

When tired, for example, the chances of you making decisions that are not aligned with your values, goals, and way of life are higher.

What can you do instead?

Take a nap and see how you feel. Rent a movie and cook some dinner either alone or with a trusted friend.

Listen to new Christmas carols that are not tied to any bittersweet memories.  

Browse YouTube for comedians that add sparkle to your private times.


Instead of indulging at every event, and every time a treat is offered, stay balanced with your daily intake.

If you indulged at a get together last night, try having a breakfast of fruit and a whole grain (maybe oatmeal or wheat toast with peanut butter) and a hearty salad for lunch.

 Starting the day off with good food choices leads to better food choices throughout the day.

The see-saw of Christmas blues can be swung your way by laughter -- seek out sources that make you smile and laugh.  And try to add the perfume of laughter to someone else's day -- some of it will linger on you.


Not just for help -- but to give it as well.  

That elderly neighbor you haven't seen in awhile?  Drop in with a plate of cookies or a holiday turkey or food for her pet.

Have friends slipped away from your daily contacts?  Emails are short and simple. Twitter and FB them, letting them know you miss them.


By simply taking a walk everyday, you are getting the blood flowing and keeping your body in active mode. 

Increased activity releases endorphins which will elevate your mood.

Just as antibody production is connected to both exercise and happiness, so too is endorphin production.

Endorphins act as both a painkiller and as the pay-off for your body's reward system.

You may also get an endorphin blast from talking to a stranger, eating a satisfying meal or being exposed to ultraviolet light.

A jog, an hour of yoga,

(just me trying to get into those ridiculous positions is good for a good belly laugh -- from those watching me)

 a trip to the gym, a bike ride, or anything else that makes you feel good is even more important this time of year.

What can also keep you from a blue Christmas is movement in the form of volunteering. 

It is hard to be down when you are helping others. 

Check with your local food kitchen or charitable donation centers for when and where you can provide service to those in need.

Don't forget

Thursday, December 13, 2018

CHRISTMAS: Someone With Skin On


Black FridayCyber Monday.

We celebrate Christmas but often not from a Christian perspective.

If people enjoyed giving and receiving gifts, 

it might make Christmas healing in some way.

But most do not.  

Many feel obligated to spend too much for too many.

Is it because we have forgotten to be thankful and filled with awe at the gift of Christ, 

at the gift of our being able to love even if we do not feel loved?

A young boy kept coming out of his bedroom during a lightning storm 

to stand at his parents' bedroom door.

"No need to be afraid, honey," said the sleepy mother.  "God is with you."

"I need someone with skin on," he sobbed.

We all do at some point in our lives.  

Perhaps that is why God came to us wearing a human body --

 to give us someone with skin on.

But what if we do not believe in Christ 
or any God during Christmas?

For one month out of 12, 

Christmas Season gives so many a chance to bless those around us 

in ways that warm not only the receiver but the giver as well.

Giving someone a needed gift is like giving them a fragrant rose.  

Some of the perfume stays with you.

If for one month out of the year, 

we find ourselves remembering the magic and innocence of childhood dreams --

Christmas has still given us 
a special present.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

TRUMP is an ugly CHRISTMAS SWEATER_Mark Twain, ghost

Ghost of Mark Twain here ...

while I was waiting for Roland to come back from one of his rare blood runs,

I flipped through the pages of the New York Times.

Now, I am a humorist ...

which means I am politically amoral. 

I just make jokes while Congress makes laws of them.

And, no, "we are not better than this."

When folks had to choose between Tammany Hall and P. T. Barnum, 

these sort of things just happen, don't you know?

As I was pontificating earlier,

I was reading what made Ugly Christmas Sweaters beautiful

as opposed to just tacky to make a dollar for the sweater company.

Call me contrary,

but I insist that a true Ugly Christmas Sweater should lack any irony when it is made.

The maker of said sweater should truly believe the sweater is a thing of beauty,

despite the badly stitched Santa, tinny bells, and glaring colors.

It got me to pondering that old P.T., ah, Trump

probably thinks he is quite the catch for the American public.

And just as certain, many voting pilgrims thought so, too.

Maybe they still do.


I haven't had so much material for my humor

since old Clinton got himself impeached for being confused about what constituted sex!

Oh, lest you think me fond of the other side of the aisle ...

Madame Pelosi,  when you question a fella's manhood in "private" in front of an aide ...

It ain't private.

Love the tickling skunk reference.  

Though when one skunk tickles another, neither has the right to point paws.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018



The Ghost of Christmas Never To Be ... 

Perhaps Christmas 
will never be as innocent 
as we remember
 because we are not 
as innocent as we were then.

Families were bigger in the Christmases of the Past

Now, single child families are the norm ...
where Mommy and Daddy 
may be separated, divorced, or 
never together
in the first place.

is now the word that comes to mind
at the mention of
for many
 when once it used to be 


Christmas has become a season of sorrow for many women who can barely put food on the table, 

much less presents under the tree. 

My mother was one such person.

Weeknight movies were cheaper than weekend showings.  

On the way back to our basement apartment, 

we would walk down dark, scary streets holding hands

and singing our theme song, Side By Side:

Oh! We ain`t got a barrel of money
Maybe we`re ragged and funny
But we`ll travel along
Singing a song
Side by side

With no money for a tree, 

Mother scooped up the largest fallen branch from the lot selling them and brought it home.

Topped with shiny aluminum scraps from Hershey's kisses, 

it was just as wonderful to me as the one in New York's Time Square.


Can be conjured to push back the 4th Christmas Ghost, if we but cling to the truth that love and imagination

is within the heart of each of us to share 

with all those in our world who are going through harder times than they appear.

{Only $1.99}

Celebrate Christmas Eve in 1946 
New Orleans. 
The ghost of Charles Dickens 
recommends it!

Haunting Beauty: OCEAN GYPSY

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Do you read to the end of loooong posts?

Megan doesn't.  But as you can see: she can't even be bothered to buy new stockings!

I usually do since with posts, like with Forest's box of chocolates, you never know what you might get!  

How about you?

Do you stop before you begin 
when you see the post is long?

In 1946, 
Orson Welles starred in
Murder By Moonlight  
filmed in New Orleans.

Read all about it in