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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Why You Should Print a HARDCOVER of Your Book_ISWG Post


1. EARN 60% Royalties on your HARDBACK! (Less Cost of Printing)

    Yes, KDP offers  the same on paperbacks, but you set the price for both formats, and folks will pay more for a book that feels substantial in their hands.

2. You reach NEW readers

    Some readers feel that Kindle books, even paperbacks, are not REAL books, not quality ...

 just toss-offs with no true effort put behind their creation.

3. PAPERBACKS are a glut in the marketplace.

    KDP has just recently offered the ability to put out a hardcover of your book. 

Don't you wish you had been on the ground floor of the Kindle craze?

4. Your COVER looks AWESOME in glossy Hardcover.

    I received Proof copies of two of my hardcovers at work and received orders for the Hardcover from my co-workers just by their seeing how great they looked in that format.

5. Hardcovers' spines look GREAT on your readers' bookshelves. 

    I have had long-time readers ask for HARDCOVER copies of paperbacks they have already bought for that reason.

ALL of my DARK HOLLYWOOD SAGA is now in Hardcover!

Death Accepts No Stunt Doubles

What would have a Dexter-like Personality done in the O.S.S. & Post-War Hollywood?


(Just in time for Christmas, my French Quarter homage to Charles Dickens is out!)

Mardi Gras & Valentine's Was Never So Deadly

Sometimes all the light we have is 
what we nourish in our hearts.

Whatever your choice of path to writing success,
I wish you a strong wind at your back.

And May Holiday Magic Pay You A Wondrous Visit This Month!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

It's Not What You Have; It's What Has You This Thanksgiving


“Not what we feel about what we have, but how we use it, 

is what brings happiness or unhappiness to our lives.” 

- Mark Twain

“Without gratitude, the heart slowly becomes sour and the soul turns dark. 

And if we permit these to go their full course, we will find ourselves in an eternal night.”

 - Samuel McCord

I do not know where each of you finds yourself. 

It has been a grim year for so many 

around the world.

But I do know that ...

To be thankful for one thing is infinitely more healing 

than to be bitter about a hundred others.

May Laughter be yours sometime

this Thanksgiving Day.

Always your friend, Roland

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


 And ends in mystery ... but what a eye-opening journey lies between.

Struggling with the consequences of Covid-19, deep freezes, floods, 7 homeless months, and tornadoes ...

Midnight got to stay in vet prison.

Writing has sure proved challenging!

I have just started my 6th Dark Hollywood novel.

The other 5 have just been released in Hardback.

Wish me some sales so I don't feel so silly continuing! 

I've noticed that when I talk about my books,
my visitors dry up like the desert.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Let Me recommend ARCANE


Spanning nine episodes and three weekly acts, 

ARCANE seems to have been written by the ghost of Charles Dickens.

A tale of two cities, one underground, 

the other high in the clouds.

A tale of two sisters torn apart by revolution.

It has overtones of Victor Hugo.

Love of family, love of two separated sisters,

reunited in the worst of ways, the best of arcs.

.The finale will break your heart and 

and have it burning for

the second season to be soon here.

Watch it and you will understand why 

it is #1 on

Netflix in 52 countries.

JFK Assassinated Today in 1963


I am ancient enough to remember when President Kennedy was killed. 

To me, the innocence of America was killed that day, too.

America never seemed to recover from that wound.

Even now, President Biden has delayed 

releasing the documents

centering on the investigation 

until December 2022.



Tuesday, November 16, 2021

What is a BEAVER MOON?

 The Moon goes by that name in the ebb tide of November

 because that is the time of year when beavers begin to shelter for the winter.

It will be the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years!
Of course Astrologers are making a big deal of it.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 14, 2021

CALVIN & HOBBES debuted on this day in 1985


It only appeared in 35 papers that day, 
but that number would soon skyrocket.

Within a year, the number was 250!

When Bill Watterson retired in 1995, 
the strip appeared in 2,400!

From Film Noir to Sci Fi to Existential Philosophy,
no realm was left unexplored.

And at this time of year, 
we can't leave out the Snowmen.

Every year at this time, 
I start to re-read the
entire run.


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Will Doing A LARGE PRINT Version of Your Book Help Sales?



You don't? You might be surprised. Love of genre does not wither with age. Seniors still dream.


Many books are published for children and young adults with Dyslexia. But people do not outgrow Dyslexia.


At the end of a hard day, reading is a great way to wind down. But squinting at small print then is no fun!


Riding in the back of a car, in a train or bus can be hard on the eyes if you are reading a book. Smart phones are all the rage.

But reading one on a long commute is no fun.

Dave Chesson of the Kindleprenaur led me to this fine video from Joanna Penn

You might like it, too.

Making more money from the same product with little added expense or time makes sense to me.


You can use Vellum to do a large print version of your book or some other formatting option. 

I recently bought Atticus and doing a large print version of your book can be done there with fewer clicks.

Sadly, I was born in B.C. (Before Computers) 

so it will take me some time to jump start my brain enough to get a Large Print version of one of my books out.

I have been thinking of doing a Large Print of HER BONES ARE IN THE BADLANDS, 

a thrilling tale of  mystery, danger, romance, and Old Hollywood in the Roaring 20's.

So while I'm being a cyber-Sisyphus, I thought I would tell my friends about how to perhaps increase their sales.

Monday, November 1, 2021



The same is true of blog posts on others' books.

Covid-19, 2 hurricanes, and just days ago, a tornado ravaging my city has made marketing a nightmare for me.

So I only take time to recommend entertaining reads.

Don't let "Book 3" throw you. 

It is a complex mystery that incorporates romance, Norse myth, and werewolf lore in a riveting experience. 

A rogue werewolf changed a police woman. 

She will find that creature even if it means accepting a job as a detective in a town full of werewolves. 

Another fine mystery that hits the heart. 
On her way to the winter Olympics,
19 year old Libby Brown is
T-Boned by a snowboarder
on her last practice run.

Waking up in the hospital
unable to move her legs,
Libby suspects it was 
no accident.

Will the truth further shatter her,
or will it forge a new destiny?

Why should you spotlight others' books?

One -

Word of mouth ... virtually. Be there for someone when they need it.

It will make you feel good.

Two - 

Be kind to your blog audience.

If you liked a book, odds are someone in your virtual audience will, too.

Three -

It may grow your own audience, too.

Working with a fellow blogger will introduce their audience to you.

Sowing seeds leads to surprising things.

What other benefits can your come up with?