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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A New Chapter To Our Lives


I would bet that no matter where we are now, 

we had no clue at the start of this year that we would be here!

How we start a journey determines the mood of it and even sometimes the outcome of it.

Helping to ease others' hurt can often take our minds off our own ...

if not, then at least we've made our hurt the catalyst for someone's relief, right?

In some way, may beauty and magic touch each day of your New Year, my friends.


Thursday, December 24, 2020



We think of what Christmas meant to Humanity 

and what it means to us.

But do we think of what it meant to Jesus?

Between the womb and the tomb
were decades cut off from
the majesty of Heaven.

Years of weariness, loneliness,
being so often misunderstood
by those closest to Him.

Why did He do it?

Listen to the tears of anguish


look into the happy face of a child

And why He chose the

other side of Christmas

might become clearer.

But that is just my 

midnight musings.

Make my Christmas Day Brighter


Buy my latest audio book,

will you?




Wednesday, December 23, 2020

We Are Christmas


Let's be Christmas heroes today ... and every day in small, kind ways.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Magic Has Its Work Cut Out For It


Three more of my coworkers have come down with Covid 19 ... a very scary time ...

especially if I re-catch it, I will have nowhere to live!

It does seem as if we are traveling by night ... 

no matter the hour during these times, doesn't it? 

(My 4th Dark Hollywood book if I can ever start work on it again!)

Yet Hope for better times urges us on.

These times are teaching us what really matters ... the people who travel with us ... 

if only in their hearts and minds ...

friendships and shared laughter ... 

even if only by Skype or phone.

(An actual gift label from London circa the 1900's)

The best Christmas gift we can give ourselves
is to learn the needful lessons
taught us by Covid-19

Merriest of Christmases, 
my friends!!

And if you could buy my Christmas fable, 

it would mean so much to me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020



I channeled Charles Dickens and Stephen King to do my own New Orleans version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

I was afraid Christmas would come and go without Audible approving it because of their lack of QA listeners due to Covid-19.

Things have gotten crazier at the center with new equipment to learn, 

upper echelon dignitaries finally deciding to inspect the damage here three months after the fact, 

and the deadline for me to leave rushing at me.

Please, if you can, would you buy this audio book, give it a review, 

and perhaps give it to others as a Christmas present to them and to me?

Thank you in advance ... 
and Merriest of Christmases!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020



I drive down formerly brightly Christmas-lit streets at night 

with only a scattering of Christmas lights peppering the evening.

Even the street bordering the lake filled with the homes of the wealthy 

are mostly dark when in the past, the lane was a wonderland of lights.

Our Civic Center has only a few surviving lights to meekly herald the season.

Perhaps my Banner Logo is now all too true:

"In a world full of Darkness,



ACX has said my latest audio book

has been headed to retail for the past month.

When my Christmas fable 

does finally come out,

will you consider buying it?

No matter how lonely and hard your path,

may the true light of Christmas lead you home.

Have you noticed any change

in the Christmas Lights

in your town?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Roland here again.

Age has gotten to my car now. 

I will have to deplete the rest of my savings to buy a replacement.

and try to find some way to get what few belongings I have left to my new apartment come January 6th ... 

if my center will let me stay that long.

Thanks to those of you who gave to me on PayPal ...

I was able to pay all the horrendous fees and deposits to lease a new apartment for January 6th!

And if I can't keep from being re-infected by this new surge of Covid as I walk down the germ-infested hospital halls

My blood center will have to evict me from my little room in its back ...

No place to shower ... 

sleep in my car until the police arrest me ... brrr.

I am sorry if my blog of late has become a litany of non-stop whining.

Try living it! Ouch!

With my laptop destroyed, all that I had written on my latest novel is gone.

With my seven book shelves destroyed and their 1000 books with them, my research is back to square one.

When my latest audio book, my doing a Charles Dickens A CHRISTMAS CAROL French Quarter Style comes out ...

Would you consider buying it and perhaps giving it to a friend?

I could use a Christmas Miracle right now!