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Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Magic Has Its Work Cut Out For It


Three more of my coworkers have come down with Covid 19 ... a very scary time ...

especially if I re-catch it, I will have nowhere to live!

It does seem as if we are traveling by night ... 

no matter the hour during these times, doesn't it? 

(My 4th Dark Hollywood book if I can ever start work on it again!)

Yet Hope for better times urges us on.

These times are teaching us what really matters ... the people who travel with us ... 

if only in their hearts and minds ...

friendships and shared laughter ... 

even if only by Skype or phone.

(An actual gift label from London circa the 1900's)

The best Christmas gift we can give ourselves
is to learn the needful lessons
taught us by Covid-19

Merriest of Christmases, 
my friends!!

And if you could buy my Christmas fable, 

it would mean so much to me.

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