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Monday, July 26, 2021

As the Medici Rule, Vampires Walk Among Them!

Come August 9th, my friend, Denise Covey 

has a stirring new fantasy coming out.

Duke Vipunin de Castellina's grandfather is dead.

With his father murdered by creatures of the forest,
Vipunin is the rightful heir ...
to castle, to lands, to titles ...
to the hate of the noble who wanted them all.

To claim his inheritance, he must return from Florence to Tuscany

and face the plotting nobleman and the vampires who wait in ambush.

But when a mysterious woman arrives at his celebratory party, 

he falls under the spell of her uncanny beauty.

He should have remembered what happened to his grandfather.

Give Denise's book a try come August 9th, will you?

A Noir fantasy

The American Southwest has been invaded by the myths and monsters of many ages.

It is up to the private detective son of the Trickster, Coyote

to somehow outsmart beings cosmic in power and endless in their hunger. 

Smart Money would not bet on him.

His mother, Gaia, has no problem in believing in her son.

After all, he takes after his father!

Sunday, July 18, 2021


 But first:

 A children's book for my next Vella!

Hoopah, the winged buffalo calf

is joined by Hibbs, the cub with no clue,

Azure, the insane know-it-all unicorn, 

(He's insane because he knows it all you see!)


Ratatoskr, the gossiping squirrel of 

the World Tree, Yggdrasil,  

to save their world.

Or destroy it ...

whichever comes first!

That is right:

No e-readers for Kindle Vella!

Vella is available in the Kindle app for iOS 

and on the web.

So your Vella will have to compete

against text messages, Facebook, Twitter.

and other smartphone sirens!

What a race for attention keeping, right?

Imagine someone reading your chapter 

receiving a text.

Is your chapter so riveting that a reader

will come back

to see what happens next?

Readers who buy tokens are granted one FAVE,

per week

eliminating the fraudulent fake reviews 

Amazon and we hate.

I have yet to receive one. 

But there is always tomorrow, right?

Twenty-two chapters are now available.

Soon the 23rd chapter. 


will be available as well.

I wonder if I am being foolish trying

 this new experiment.

What do you think?

Give my Vella books a chance,

will you?

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Kindle Vella has launched!


A New Adventure

A New Hero

A New World of Dangers

Noir Meets Science Fantasy 
Native American Myth.

Visit Lake Pleasant

You May Never Want to Return ...

or Be Able to!


The 1st three chapters
Are Free.

Give me a Thumbs Up at the
of the FREE 
1st  episode



Monday, July 12, 2021

KINDLE VELLA is coming soon ... And so is ADAM BLACK


When will Kindle Vella stories

 be available to readers?


Amazon has not released an official date.

but it is expected to launch before 

the end of July 2021.

Trinity was the code name of the 
first detonation of a nuclear device.
It was conducted by the United States Army
at 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945

A piece of Hindu scripture ran 

through the mind of Robert Oppenheimer then: 

“Now I am become Death, 

the destroyer of worlds."

But what if it ripped a revolving tear 
 in the space-time continuum,

opening our plane to beings from 

constantly changing realms of existence?

And what if the Spirits of the Southwest 
grew weary of being invaded?

They asked Coyote to help as 
in the Ancient Days.

And he did ...
in the most unexpected way.

Then what else did they expect from 
the Trickster of Legend?

Raven tried to warn them.

But who listens to feathered
Early Warning Systems?

For a smile:

Tuesday, July 6, 2021



Those of you who have been reading my posts lately know 

that Vella found fault in two of my episodes since they had characters

I used in other books and referenced scenes from earlier books.

I revised them and re-submitted them. 
They were accepted.

The end of last month, 
Amazon blocked my whole novel,
all 22 chapters, 
50,000 words of it.

I decided to try again.
I have written 14 chapters
12,000 words.

I've noticed something new in the email 
they send you when they accept a chapter

"Kindle Vella stories are reviewed separately 
from episodes.
Content reviews for your story 
and other episodes 
may impact the onsite 
availability of this episode."

So if you are considering submitting to 
Amazon Vella, 
be aware that acceptance 
of your episode
does not mean acceptance 
of your novella.

But Leonidas of Sparta 
gave it his all.

He died but birthed a legend
that lives on today.

Wish me luck
on this one!

The Synopsis:

Lake Pleasant: a city as toxic as the lake for which it is named. 

It is a city where anything can happen so long as it is terrible, and innocence has a short life span. 

The powerful rule, and the weak scurry for the dubious safety of the shadows.

Sometimes they scurry to the impoverished detective, Adam Black. “Black Magic” he is called on the streets. 

He refuses to explain his name. 

Any explanation would be ignored, but his silence unsettles those who prowl the shadows.

The crime boss, Anthony Vincent, has a job for Black: find his missing daughter. 

The fee for success: Black gets to live.

Vincent is dying. 

All the would-be successors circle Black in his search for some secret to topple the dying King. 

Adam Black is aware they are playing a game against opponents for whom they are no match.

It is a dark secret that would be his death 

if it were known he possessed it: 

reality has been invaded by beings thrust against their will onto this earthly plane … 

and want nothing more than to return, though the door has revolved again to other stranger shores.

Sunday, July 4, 2021



What is unAmerican these days, anyhow?

Waiting for Roland to get back from a blood run,

I read where this singer gal

said we needed a new flag.

This present one was as bad

 as the Confederate Flag!

Well, thousands of soldiers died under that "unsuitable"

one to free a lot of folks from slavery.

But what do I know?

I'm just a humorist and 

actually lived during those times.

Then, there this here athlete who found something

better to do while they played the National Anthem.

Said she was set up and all.

Well, I didn't see anybody 

twisting her body around.

Does she know the story 

behind the song?

Would she care if she did?

Let's talk about the 4th of July:

 We have a double Fourth of July, a daylight Fourth 

and a midnight Fourth.


 During the day in America, as the President has indicated, 

we keep the Fourth of July properly in a reverent spirit.


We devote it to teaching our children patriotic things, 

and reverence for the Declaration of Independence.


We honor the day all through the daylight hours, 

and when night comes we dishonor it.


Two hours from now on the Atlantic coast when night shuts down, 

that pandemonium will begin 

and there will be noise, 

and noise, and noise, all night long,


And there will be more than noise --


There will be people crippled,

 there will be people killed, 

there will be people who will lose their eyes, 

and all through that permission which we give 

to irresponsible boys to play with firearms 

and firecrackers and all sorts of dangerous things.


We turn that Fourth of July over to rowdies to drink 

and get drunk and make the night hideous,

 and we cripple and kill more people 

than you would imagine.


Friday, July 2, 2021




From:Lacey Pate (Assistant Manager)
Date:July 1, 2021, 4:40 pm
Subject:Alligator in Pond

Good afternoon,

We have been made aware that there is an alligator in the back pond. Someone is on his way to us now to try and remove it. The back pond is connected to the pond in the middle of buildings 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 so please be cautious with small children and babies.
I will update you here when he/she has been safely removed.

Thank you.

I got the above email just before I was to leave work and trudge wearily to my apartment.

Boy, had it been HOT! 

But reading that email certainly gave me the chills.

When I got to my door, just feet away from said pond, I saw an older woman walking right next to the water's edge with her dog in one of those vest leaches.

I hurried to her and asked if she got the email. Her words?

She was looking to see if she could see its footprints.

I started backing up to my door and kept talking to her. She looked like she wanted to stay by the pond's edge.

You can't save people from themselves. I felt sorry for the dog.



From:Lacey Pate (Assistant Manager)
Date:July 2, 2021, 8:48 am
Subject:Alligator Caught

Our alligator was caught and rehomed yesterday evening.

Thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.