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Monday, January 18, 2021

MARDI GRAS has been cancelled in New Orleans ... this year

But in 1946, it has come back after 

the 4 long War Years

And the undead can hardly wait

to walk among the living 

hidden by their masks.

A mysteriously murdered

 woman is found

upon the cobblestones of 

the infamous Pirates Alley,

disrupting the shooting of 

Frank Capra's latest movie.

Twilight City,

starring Jimmy Stewart


Cesar Romero.

While in the Hotel Ponchatrain's 

famed Caribbean Room, 

the powerful party

as if there will be no tomorrow.

Which for some, there may not be

unless Lucas,

the former O.S.S. agent 

now turned Prop Master,

prowls the shadows again.

Worse, he may lose not just his job,

but the life of the eerily resurrected woman

he thought lost to him forever.

For the deadly Santa Muerte 

has a promise to keep

 to a Judas hiding among

the few people he trusts.

The audio book of this

is coming soon.

Tell your friends.

I could use a Mardi Gras


Monday, January 11, 2021



Midnight is finally back!

He wants his old apartment back/

Me, too!

He's reading my latest

and wants the heater

turned up.

The receptionist asked for 


She saw my eyes and

checked again.

Only $85!

I almost had a heart attack.

He's off now squirreled

in some nook of this apartment

taking a well-deserved nap

after 4 months of

vet prison.

The ghost of Mark Twain

is Happy.

Midnight is back on the

mantel where he belongs!

Friday, January 8, 2021

TUMBLED down 11 steps yesterday


The ghost of Mark Twain chided me 

for trying to carry too much 

up that 21 step staircase!

He said I was a writer not a mountaineer!

:Luckily, I broke no bones. 
I'm just stiff and sore.

I will just have to carry less and watch my step!

At 71 I don't bounce as well anymore.

Wish me luck in my new apartment 
and climbing those stairs.

I start back to work tomorrow ---

Here's hoping no one
takes my parking spot
when I come late at night!

This complex goes on forever it seems.

Midnight comes back
from the Vet Monday.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Moving Into A New Apartment ... at TWICE my last rent! IWSG post


Talk about insecure!

Livable apartments are almost impossible to find in this city

so those with them are asking for premium rents.

How I will pay this impossible rent, I do not know. 

So if you have been tempted to buy one of my audio or paperbacks, or Kindle books ... 

now would be a great time.

My two NOT SO INNOCENTS books are intriguing.

French Quarter Requiem is interesting, too.

But all of us are facing struggles and challenges this New Year.

"Perseverance is the hard work you do AFTER you get tired of doing the hard work you already did!"

 - Newt Grigrich

that is what keeps so many of us going -- 
including me.

I can't promise things will change tomorrow ... 

only that change is inevitable. 

There can only be so many Jokers in a deck, right?

Change is the Nature of Life ... 
keep at it: something will come your way.

Focus on things you can control ... 
take a moment and breathe ... 
you can control your lungs ...

Celebrate what is good with your life. 

Life is not a book ... 
we can't see how our problems will end ... 
only that they will, 
in some way, end. 

Do something manageable and 
praise yourself for doing it.

Break things into small chunks of doable tasks.

Know why you started ... 
Know why you're in the fight 
to stay in the fight!

Remember if your dream is easy, 
you shouldn't be doing it.

Wish me luck in carrying what belongings I have up that second story staircase ...

As I will be wishing you luck in climbing to your dream.