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Sunday, October 25, 2020



Being homeless makes 
it near impossible
for me to market 
my own audio book
about to come out.

But Heather is 
a good friend, 
I just have to help 
as best I can.

Amazon bullocked 
her pre-order --
releasing her new
book NOW --

so Heather
has now offered 
the novella that
 launched this
whole series 
for only 99 cents!

How neat is that?

Would you consider
buying both books

Sunday, October 18, 2020



As you know from my last post. 

I was alone at the center 

when Delta hit.

When the power went out that night, the generator kicked on, but did not feed power into the center.

I called the Safe-in-Shreveport Generator Supervisor to inform him of the situation.

He asked me to climb the storm wall one-handed with a flashlight in the other, fighting 96-110 mph winds, 

Take off the middle panel one handed, 

put my hand into a running generator as torrential rains poured into it through the open panel,

and turn the Toggle Switch, whatever the heck that is, 

from Auto to Run, while standing on top of the storm wall, 

trying not to be flung off the slippery stone by the tremendous winds.

"Trust me," he said.

He said that three other times in other suicidal orders during the weekend.

I politely refused each time any of his orders seemed hazardous to my health.

An inspection group is coming this Wednesday to inspect our center, 

whose head took a week's vacation during the hurricane, 

leaving me alone to handle situations for which I was not trained.

The team may have words for me, and I may not be here Thursday ... 

but I will be alive ... 

and out on the streets.

Say a prayer for me, will you?

Thursday, October 8, 2020



I feel a bit like Gordon at Khartoum ...

though it happens to be hurricane winds and water surging towards me.

Or more like HOME ALONE!

Since I had nowhere to go, 
my blood center graciously
allowed me to ride
out the storm here.

The flood walls are up,
and I am safely inside ...

unless the storm surge is higher
than they are!

Say a prayer for me and Midnight, 
will you?

Once again we are

My excellent narrator,
Scott O'Dell,

deserves to be heard 
and appreciated.

I am privileged 
to have an award-winning
talent doing my book!

Would you consider
buying his and my
audio book?

If I survive,
I would like him
to feel appreciated enough
to do its sequel.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

ONCE AGAIN in the path of a Killer HURRICANE


Heck of a birthday present 
for the 9th!

I could use a prayer or two.

I have nowhere to run to.

If the city is ordered to evacuate,
Midnight will be expulsed 
from the vet!

What to do then?
Lifeshare will not 
accept him with me.


Saturday, October 3, 2020



Life is still a war-zone affair.

Lake Charles is not quite as bad 
as the city of which I wrote
in the above book unless ...

You are out after curfew 
and look like you have more 
than the homeless predator 
who spies you alone.

I am down but not out.

Still apartment-less, 

He's boarded at the
vet's now ...

for as long as I can
afford it.

He had to get a complete
check-up and get caught
up on all his shots
before the vet would
take him.

I don't know what hurt more,
Midnight's bottom
or my wallet!

But what is within my ability, I do:

I deliver needed blood to those 
who desperately need it ...

like my supervisor 
still fighting for his life,
though just out of the
intensive care unit.

Covid-19 is a true hazard
for rare blood couriers ...

And you can catch it twice!

We do not know how precariously our lives 
are balanced on the razor's edge ...

until life removes the support 
we took for granted.

Appreciate the blessings 
around you, my friends.