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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Thanks to Ann, I was able to 
re-take my Covid-19 test.

The results came back ...


I start back Wednesday.

I am not in
Marathon shape

But I will get the job done.

Not to do so will
leave me without a job! 

I will mostly be by
this weekend.

 So Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 25, 2020


Alex Cavanaugh emailed me asking how I was. 

Wasn't that thoughtful and caring of him?  It made me feel not quite so alone.

A few days back, my supervisor called to see how I was doing. 

He has brought me fluids and deposited an Audible check for me.

Speaking of Audible, 

my latest audio book is being reviewed by Audible.  

Once it comes out, would some of you consider buying it? 

The money isn't exactly rolling in.

My supervisor reluctantly told me that he could not hold my job indefinitely.

And that extreme weakness, diarrhea, night chills, and gut-deep nausea were not enough to explain any further absence 

although they are symptoms of Covid-19 ... and I tested positive for the virus.

Scary, right?

I told him I was going to 
get re-tested for Covid 
in a few days no matter how I felt.

The next day, he phoned to say to go back to get retested only if I felt better.

I've been walking up and down the stairs to my apartment 

while clinging to the railings to grow stronger. 

Though I am still weak, I am going to get retested this Monday.

Wish me luck, all right?

At times, worry awakens me at night. 

I remind myself that my times are in the Father's Hand and sing Christmas carols in my head ...

along with these songs:

 Wear those masks 
and stay well, hear?

My protagonist in my new audio book is a socially functioning sociopath 

whose mother taught him to live by the teachings of Marcus Aurelius,  

not the Bible, for she feared he would go all Old Testament on the world.

Monday, July 13, 2020

I've Tested Positive for Covid-19

I have never been this weak before, and I had triple hernia surgery.  

Not much coughing so far. 

Diarrhea is not a pleasant companion

The doctors are right.

Covid screws with your sense of taste!

The Ritz peanut butter crackers 
I tried to eat today
tasted like urinal wafers!

Considering what I do,
it was bound to happen to me
sooner or later.

I, of course, was hoping for later!

I took a tumble yesterday
as I went downstairs to start my car.

It let me know I have to be careful until I regain my strength.

I have a couple of projects looming.

When the first DARK HOLLYWOOD audio comes out. 
please consider buying it

The money is not exactly rolling in!