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Monday, July 26, 2021

As the Medici Rule, Vampires Walk Among Them!

Come August 9th, my friend, Denise Covey 

has a stirring new fantasy coming out.

Duke Vipunin de Castellina's grandfather is dead.

With his father murdered by creatures of the forest,
Vipunin is the rightful heir ...
to castle, to lands, to titles ...
to the hate of the noble who wanted them all.

To claim his inheritance, he must return from Florence to Tuscany

and face the plotting nobleman and the vampires who wait in ambush.

But when a mysterious woman arrives at his celebratory party, 

he falls under the spell of her uncanny beauty.

He should have remembered what happened to his grandfather.

Give Denise's book a try come August 9th, will you?

A Noir fantasy

The American Southwest has been invaded by the myths and monsters of many ages.

It is up to the private detective son of the Trickster, Coyote

to somehow outsmart beings cosmic in power and endless in their hunger. 

Smart Money would not bet on him.

His mother, Gaia, has no problem in believing in her son.

After all, he takes after his father!


  1. Thank you Roland for the shout out. This book has been in the works for years, and now I have 3 in the series written and waiting in the wings. Love a bit of historical fiction with a twist!

    How is Vella going? Only for the US at the mo' as far as I know. I follow the FB page and see a lot of negatives from authors, but I guess like everything with Amazon, there's a lot of luck involved.

    Take care my friend ...

    1. Yes, a lot of negative from me, too. I wrote 22 chapters that they approved, only to have my entire Vella blocked. Apparently, I could not use already established characters though in original stories. Sigh.

      I am having fun with BLACK MAGIC. Noir mystery and Native American myth with invading entities from all of the world's mythologies.

      I will purchase your book and review it. Best of sales, Denise! :-)

    2. I think it will take Amazon some time to get Vella up to scratch. I will try to access BLACK MAGIC, but Vella seems like an American thing atm.

      Thank you for your promise to purchase/review my book. Remember the golden days of blogging where we all did that for each other? I remember those days fondly ...

    3. I still try my best to do that. I hope you can access BLACK MAGIC. I miss those golden days of Blogging. Some of my good friends from that time are dead now.

      Appreciate the good while it and we are here, right?

      Say a prayer for me. It is Hurricane season again, and I have a bad feeling about this one. High sales!

  2. "vernacular style" - one of the many phrases in your kick-ass prose in this blog post, Roland.

    Literate and literary - I love your style of writing!