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Thursday, November 25, 2021

It's Not What You Have; It's What Has You This Thanksgiving


“Not what we feel about what we have, but how we use it, 

is what brings happiness or unhappiness to our lives.” 

- Mark Twain

“Without gratitude, the heart slowly becomes sour and the soul turns dark. 

And if we permit these to go their full course, we will find ourselves in an eternal night.”

 - Samuel McCord

I do not know where each of you finds yourself. 

It has been a grim year for so many 

around the world.

But I do know that ...

To be thankful for one thing is infinitely more healing 

than to be bitter about a hundred others.

May Laughter be yours sometime

this Thanksgiving Day.

Always your friend, Roland


  1. I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving. We are a small family but we enjoyed our dinner together without a big bird. We don't care for all that meat. But we rejoice in having each other for one more year.

    Midnight would understand. I put the chicken and dressing on the table. One of the cats was in the house. I walked in the dining room as I saw him make a mental note. It looked strange but he would try it. OUT of the house he went. But he did return to eat some green bean casserole.

    1. Aw, no chicken? Midnight doesn't understand. He always get a sliver of my chicken. :-)

  2. Hi Roland,

    I hope you are well and that you had a peaceful Thanksgiving. I had dedicated a post to you on FB, here is the link ...

    I didn't want you to miss it...

    1. I am always on blood runs it seems so I would have missed it. Thanks for the shout out. My latest hardcover book has South Dakota for a backdrop by the way: