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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A TO Z ...Has It Gotten Too Big?

In 1954, Warner Brothers made the Sci-Fi film, THEM!

about irradiated ants growing to enormous size and threatening the United States.

Of course, this couldn't happen ...

Since ants' legs are hollow,

the poor creatures wouldn't be able to support their increased weight.

Which leads me to this post's question:

gotten too big to support itself?

The Linky list has become too large and cumbersome with fewer staff to monitor it.

I understand!

The number of people participating last year

nearly equaled the population of some 3rd World countries!

So now we will go to each day's A to Z post on the home web page and post our blog address.

Then, we go to FB and then to Twitter with the hashtag #AtoZReveal on Twitter to share.


That's a few more hoops to jump through than last year ...

   ... and me with less time than last year, too!

I've noticed many of my Blogging Friends are not participating this year. 

Social Media is already a time-leech without feeding it further, right?

So What Do You Think About This?


  1. The brouhaha is large, no doubt. I have been fascinated by it since last year when I missed it by a month. But I agree this hoop jumping is immense se it takes away from writing. Cheers

    1. Shalz75, sometimes I think when movements get so large, the intimacy dwindles and micro-managing kills the warmth. :-)

  2. It will be interesting to see how this year's changes work once the challenge begins. Too many hoops for this blogger. Too big? Possibly. We'll have to ask those who survive what they think. For me, the adding of social media made the process a chore. Too bad, because I enjoyed the previous years. . .but like Frankie said, That's Life.

  3. Hmm. I'm still on the fence. Don't know if I'll participate or not - although, I will definitely be supporting those that do. I don't have a FB account and I'm not on Twitter, so would that mean no one visits my blog? I just hope it is as successful as previous years - no doubt it will be for those who embrace social media.

  4. Actually the Challenge was much smaller than last year. This year will be even smaller.
    Blogging is changing and I think the amount of participants reflects that.

    1. Actually, I took the info about the burgeoning Linky List from the A TO Z WEBPAGE.

      Not having access to the raw data, I took them at their word.

      The Challenge is, indeed, smaller since you as an iconic presence in the blogging community will not be participating.: -(

      I think blogging isn't just changing; it is dying. How many bloggers present when we began blogging are still around?

      Social Media has evolved away from blogging what with Instagram, Twitter, FB, and other outlets.

      Best of sales with your audiobooks! :-)

  5. Too many hoops, indeed, but I'd already decided not to join in this year before I learned they'd done away with the linky list. A lot of the followers I picked up last year stopped coming to my blog soon after the challenge ended.

  6. D.G. -
    I think the intimacy of the A TO Z has gone. I always try to Twitter my new posts but keep from doing it on FB to spare my friends the constant peppering of: Look at me. Look at me! Look at me some more!

    I will try to stay the course this year and look forward to your comments! :-)

    Nicola -
    I hope you are feeling better. I loathe social media being a shy person.

    I look forward to reading your comments on my gauntlet! :-)

    David -
    Yes, too many people join movements just to promote themselves not to say HI to fellow strugglers these days. :-(

    I think this will be my last year with A TO Z. I have always striven to make my Challenge posts unique - which is hard enough work without all these new hoops! Ouch.

    I hope you can visit me now and again. My increased workload at the blood center is draining away all my blog visiting time. Sigh!

  7. The blog I participate with is semi-anonymous and I don't like it to twitter or facebook, so I won't be doing that... but I will participate this year and see how it goes

  8. I did A to Z once and that was enough for me! I admire the perseverance of all involved, but I'd rather write novels. Too bad it feels so unwieldy with its size now.