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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stephen King's new IT and Reboots

What do you think of this new IT?

Will it scare up enough profits to be worth making? 

Will it be entertaining enough to be worth watching?

I prefer awe, wonder, and beauty in my theater movies,

so I am interested in seeing Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets.

How about you? 

What new movies are you interested in seeing these next few months?

Did you know that 120 reboots and sequels are scheduled to be made in the next 2 years?


The Matrix, Scarface, Ace Ventura, Charlie's Angels,

The Fly, The Little Shop of Horrors, Zorro Reborn,

The Legend of Conan, An American Werewolf in London,

Alien Nation, Big Trouble in Little China, The Birds,

Death Wish, Escape From New York, Flight of the Navigator, The Green Hornet

And The Highlander!

(There can be only one indeed!)

The list goes depressingly on.

But it is not the lack of originality that is to blame.

It is hunger for certain profits that is driving these studios.

A known franchise guarantees enough profit to break even in the States

and the possibility for huge profits overseas where the bulk of Hollywood's profits come from these days.

What Do You Think About All These Reboots?


  1. The list is a bit excessive, although there are some I'm looking forward to, I'll admit.

    Not familiar yet with the new IT, but I enjoyed the original TV mini-series, until that pathetic phony monster at the end.

    1. The ending of the original IT was hurt by the crude special effects available at the time. :-(

  2. Sorry, there is only one Big Trouble in Little China.
    I am interested in Alien Nation. Surely the reboot will be better than the original.
    Didn't care for It. I wonder what traumatized King as a child? His stories always include childhood trauma.
    Valerian looks amazing. I like the director. I thought Fifth Element was a lot of fun and very unique.

    1. Valarian does look amazing, doesn't it? King found a dead body on the railroad tracks as a boy -- maybe that is what did it.