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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Kelli Higgins, my pregnant co-worker, is pregnant no longer. Last night her son Leven Khale was born : 7 pounds, 20 inches. She is a new mother, facing all the questions novice mothers have faced since Eve. You know, the basics on the basics : Burping. Crying. Developing. Feeding. Growing. Pooping.

Kelli, if you're reading this, an excellent website by a pediatrician can be found here : The doctor answers the basic questions for babies and toddlers as well.

Of course me, being me, I had questions. The kind that there are really no answers to. They called out to me like bells in the distance. When does thought begin for babies? Do babies think in the safe darkness? And if so, what thoughts were little Leven thinking just before things got bumpy for him? Was he content? Was he happy? Did he think this dark passage was going to go on forever? Why not? It was all he had ever known. Each stage of life is like that I think. We get lulled into a false sense of security by repeated life experiences, thinking that they will not change. But they always do. And most of us fuss like babies when wrenched into the next stage.

Is death like that you think? What awaits us at the end of that dark tunnel whose end is blazing light? Will we fuss like babies at what we find or gaze slack-jawed at the wonders awaiting us -- as Leven must be doing even now as he looks at the noisy, vibrant-colored world bustling with incomprehensible people all around him.

I was thinking this as I was driving home, the night snowing stars. I looked up into the endless sable depths beyond the moon. For a moment, I felt like the mountain wolf staring up into the sparkling universe, who never learns why he must live as he does. But still he sings to the moon, one lonely spirit to another. And in like manner, I sent up a prayer into the infinite night to He who shaped the moon and Leven to watch over him and smooth the path before him all his days -- and to keep an eye over you, Kelli, as well.

I'm currently listening to "Believe," the theme to THE POLAR EXPRESS, sung by Josh Groban. It's a song about renewing your childhood dreams and your life in the process. Check out his website : It has a few surprises to it. If you want to listen to "Believe" by Josh Groban, here it is :

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