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Saturday, August 28, 2010


{"The truth is forced upon us, very quickly, by a foe."
- Aristophanes.}

{Frazzled ghost of Sam Clemens here.

DayStar has left us in the supernatural jazz club, Meilori's,

just in time to be met by the ghosts of Bogart and Bacall --

and to be assaulted by Major Strasser of the Nazi Gestapo. Roland's journal carries on from there.} :

When the world goes insane, time does not freeze nor does it slow.

Your mind just kicks into overdrive and seems to lock onto the strangest things in rapid succession :

Strasser raising his luger to fire.

Bogart and Twain firing their automatics at the same time.

Strasser, a revenant, laughing as he twists aside both bullets easily.

His fingers going around the throat of a startled Bacall.

Marlene's saber appearing as if by magic half-way through the Nazi's throat.

Bacall tearing her own throat free as Marlene's saber cuts the rest of the way through the revenant's neck.

Life snapped back into fluid focus as I heard Marlene husk, "Heads I win."

As Strasser's headless body thumped on its butt to the tiles, Mark Twain grunted, "Tails you lose."

I stared at the body, quiet as roadkill ... but not as pretty. Strasser, being Strasser, ruined the moment.

"You fools," rasped the disembodied head. "I have been cursed by McCord. I cannot die."

Mark Twain muttered, "Seems like it was us that got cursed in that deal."

Humphrey tossed his napkin over the head. "For our digestion, Fritz."

"Get that off me, swine."

Lauren leaned down, lifting her husband's napkin, balling up her own, and shoved it into Strasser's open mouth. "Put a sock in it, Nazi."

Mark Twain said, "Valkyrie, you killed pretty easily there."

Marlene's eyes grew haunted. "To killing there is no easy nor is there pretty."

She squeezed shut her eyes as if to block memories that forced themselves upon her anyway. "Twice while I was entertaining the G.I.'s on the front lines, our position was over-run."

Her blue eyes opened, but they only seemed to see the past. "I was put with the wounded for my safety."

Her lips twisted. "Safety. The German soldiers knew I was there. More, they knew Hitler's price on my head."

She roughly cleaned her saber on Strasser's body. "To defend the wounded I had to kill."

She handed me the cleaned saber, her eyes locking with mine. "I did it without shame then ... and now."

She stared back off into scenes she couldn't forget or shake. She was trying to tell me something. But what?

I sighed. The truth. It was good to know, difficult to learn ... in time.


  1. If he can't die, can he reattach himself? It would be much more fun if he couldn't :P Loved the heads and tails, as well as the bit with the napkins and digestion. Love me some humor in the midst of insanity. Makes me feel at home. So, what IS she trying to tell him?

    Irony-the word verification was "taste" hahahaha

  2. I vote for feeding the Nazi's head to the gators. That will shut him up. Maybe?

  3. I too, loved the heads and tails. I guess you will tell us what she IS trying to tell him?!

    Thank you for your kind offer of a place to vent. :D That was special.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Hopefully, he can't reattach his head, even if dying is impossible. That would be a bonus.

    I do wonder what she's trying to tell him.

  5. Lively exchange. Now we have both a head and a headless revenant Strasser. Haha. Marlene is one tough broad.

    Greetings from the lobby of The Islander Beach Resort. The Atlantic waves are kicking up on a cloudy, windy ocean, divinely soul-soothing kind of day.

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  6. I always enjoy our installments.

  7. one lawyer to another...
    "truth has many sides, it all depends on where you are standing, and what side of the coin you're representing..."

  8. LOL "Heads I win!" great line from this

  9. It's so fab having the sublime Ms Dietrich and the utterly gorgeous Ms Bacall (and sexy Mr Bogard) around together in one place killing Nazis!
    p.s Windmills of your mind.. lovely!
    take care

  10. Thank you my friend! I knew no one could die of course, they're all ghosts, but it was satisfying to see the action.

    Well done.


  11. Roland - Great as always!
    I have an award for you. =D

  12. Did your girl do something to protect you a while back and hasn't fessed up to doing it yet?

  13. ...he did not meet her as of yet, but knows of her and it sounds like Roland and Samuel are both in love with the same girl?