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Monday, February 25, 2013


I am Death.

Victor Standish calls me Mother.

And I walk beside you as you live each moment.

Choose wisely. Breathe deeply.

Love that which so quickly shall pass through your fingers … for soon or late your steps will lead to me.

Oh, what to tell you that you would comprehend.

I am remiss.

Victor always starts with a quote to point the way of his thoughts.

Here is mine:

“Riddle of destiny, who can show
What thy short visit meant, or know
What thy errand here below?”

Those lines were by Charles Lamb written upon the death of an infant soon after her birth.

Do not think ill of me. I give to each of you what I give to all – a lifetime. Make of it what you would.

What you love is mortal. What you love is not your own. What you love has its season like a rose in summer. Cherish the moment.

You believe you are heading towards summer.

You are wrong. Winter is coming.

Some of you wonder if your prose grows stale and flat, if you should continue. I cannot say. Mine are not mortal eyes. You can say better than I.

What I do say is this:

Your only rival is your potential.

Your only failure is failing to live up to your own possibilities.

As for "flat words," Samuel Clemens hated the “flat things” great men are reputed to have said on their deathbeds.

He wrote a fanciful praise of me to save him from that error.

Yet, when I bent over him, gathering up his spirit to my bosom,

his last words to his physician were incomplete:

“If we meet ….”

What was his thought? Who knows? What is your life? Uncertain. The only certainty is that we shall meet.

What are you doing with the time allotted you? Where are your ....

Excuse me. I am called elsewhere.

If you feel my hand upon your heart, you will know whose name was next on my list.

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  1. That video had me nearly in tears and all choked up. I can't see things like that without thinking how I would feel. Ahem.

    Victor's Mother, Death, is always close. It seems to me that when Death pays a visit, sometimes more than one will be tapped on the shoulder within a short period of time. That's been my experience.

    I downloaded both of those free samples, Roland. Merci!

  2. That was very powerful and sadly so very true.

  3. Our only failure is in giving up when we still have farther to go or more to give.

  4. D.G.:
    That video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it, too.

    Victor's Mother seems to visit three times in my circle of friends sadly.

    Only my Wattpad chapter was free. Darn, I hate when my weary mind at night makes my words unclear. I have given you my BLOOD WILL TELL and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES for free as my apology. Alice made me do it. :-) She said something that sloppy fingers could be made into finger sandwiches!

    Some inner voice told me to write this post this evening. I am pleased it touched you. :-)

    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield -- my motto and Ulysses' -- and it seems yours, too. :-)

  5. It's probably a combination of me responding late at night as well, Roland. Sorry about my goof.

    Many thanks for being tolerant of my assumption. And I mentioned comprehension the other day, better make sure mine is turned on before I respond in the future.

  6. This is a beautiful post. I don't think I could get through the video...I've been rather emotional lately. but I will say that What Dreams May Come is one of the most amazing, touching, thought provoking films I've ever seen.

    Thank you for sharing this!


  7. Such thought provoking words. Thank You, Roland.

    "Your only rival is your potential.

    Your only failure is failing to live up to your own possibilities."

    True... That's why I keep dragging myself along my journey. I won't stop to I keel. lol. At least I can say I tried.

  8. D.G.:
    Long day -- just getting back. My brain is now on idle! It's all good.

    Wasn't WHAT DREAMS MAY COME a touching, moving, evocative film?

    Your current post shows your wit and cleverness. No dragging there!