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Sunday, May 14, 2017

MOTHER is not a 4 Leter Word

Though you might think it a term of profanity 
from our modern movies.

Sadly, the full term is used more and more lately.

In fact, it is the duct tape that binds Samuel L. Jackson's dialogue together!

Yet, MOTHER is a name that is so complex depending upon the situation in which you hear it 

that it is a many-faceted gem of many colors and nuances. 

The young woman hearing that she is soon to be a mother 

may hear the term with hope, despair, or fear of being like her own hated mother.

The teenager yelling "Mother!" may feel unloved, controlled, or ignored.

The man sitting by the death-bed of his mother 

may whisper the name out of a wellspring of loving memories 

or from a dark pit of having never been understood.

Mothers are only human:

 some saintly, some devilish, most somewhere in between.

We train our children in schools on how to do everything senseless but not how to live well.

Shouldn't we have classes on how to parent?  

How to deal with stress?  

How to manage a budget?

Mothers make it up as they go along.

Sandra, my best friend, had a son, Drew, 

who was forever fiddling with the electric wall sockets close to the floor boards.

She finally put covers on all of them.

Sometime later as she did her business' books on her computer, she heard a Fittzz and saw the lights go dim.

She turned to the sound of faltering steps.

There stumbled poor little Drew, his hair looking like Einstein's, holding his trembling right hand high.

"Mama right.  Mama right!"

From that time forward, Sandra would counsel Drew when he felt compelled to do an unwise thing. "Mama right."

Usually, Drew would later sadly confide to her with a wry, hurt smile.  

"Mama right.  Mama right."

May we all have had mothers wise enough for us to follow their counsel.

Happy Mother's Day 
to All My Friends 
For Whom This Day Applies!


  1. Hi Roland - I nearly electrocuted myself that way ... but I lived to look after my mother in her later years ... a blessing, though difficult time: reversal of roles.

    The thing I dislike now ... is that 'Mum' is the standard way of talking about mothers ... and Dad for fathers ... so colloquial - when spoken in the news etc ... for political correctness 'they' can't say mother and father ... strikes me as crazy - my rant for your Mother's Day - ours is the 4th Sunday in Lent! I won't go into the 'Mom' thing!!!

    Have a happy day and week ahead ... cheers Hilary

    1. My step-father tried to get me electrocuted in a similar way, but the Father was with me.

      Nowadays, most are so afraid not to appear sophisticated that they will not show affection ... for parent or each other. ;-(

  2. As Hilary said in UK we have already celebrated mother's day or Mothering Sunday as in traditional origins. Sadly, my own mother is no longer with us but being a mother/mum or mumma as my girls sometimes fondly call me, is the best thing in the world. Glad little Drew wasn't too seriously hurt.

    1. So was little Drew!! His hair is still curly by the way. :-)

  3. This is so sweet, Roland and very thoughtful. It's true there are devilish and saints when it comes to moms but we're mostly in between. Love the story of Drew and his mom. Mama right. So simple.

  4. My brother as a young teen accidentally touched a live wire and was sent flying across the room--happily, like Drew he lived.

    This is a sweet and wise post, Roland. And yes, parenting should be taught in schools, just as we should be taught how to get along with people and be kind.

    1. I so glad your brother was not injured! Yes, I have always thought schools taught the wrong things. :-(

  5. My husband used to do stuff like that with outlets (I've heard the stories from his mom), and he became an electrician, and then an electrical engineer. Electricity might just be in Drew's future ... :)

    1. The electricity of the mind actually -- Drew has followed in his father's and mother's footsteps and is studying to be a psychologist. :-)

  6. Lovely sentiment. My mom and I have had our ups and downs, but I can't imagine life without her. She's taught me so much.

    1. Mothers and daughters; fathers and sons -- both pairs have their challenges. But both can learn so much from the other, right? :-)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting a weary blood courier!