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Sunday, August 12, 2018

The NEW McCarthyism

{Joseph Welch (left) being questioned by Joseph McCarthy}

Joseph Welch was the attorney for the U.S. Army as it was under investigation by Sen. McCarthy.

His confrontation with McCarthy during the hearings, in which he famously asked McCarthy 

"At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" 

is seen as a turning point in the history of the sad history of McCarthyism.

Nine years ago, James Gunn made some disgusting jokes on Twitter.  


At the time, he was working for Troma Pictures.  Walt Disney Studios it wasn't.  

He shaped his tweets to fit in.  

Hey, have you never tried to do that on the job?

Check the trailer for its Tromeo and Juliet 
on YouTube.

I couldn't make it to the end.  

But when you are starting out as a director, you take what jobs are offered you.

A person who objected to Gunn's political views shouted out those tweets 

from nearly a decade ago, and Disney literally fired him overnight ...

without giving Kevin Feige warning so that he found out from the news outlets.

Odd, in that Gunn had told Disney about his tweets when they first approached him to work for them.

Now, Ian Cheong on Twitter, 

has released photos that depict Gunn at what’s apparently a To Catch A Predator-themed party.

 Which, for those who don’t know, 

is a party based around a popular NBC investigative series that ran from 2004-2008.


Because I go to a movie-villain themed party does not make me inherently a villain, does it?

Poor Taylor Hamlin won her crown only to lose it a day later 

when an anonymous narc sent photos a year old from Hamlin’s social media to festival organizers.

I wonder if Anonymous was one of the runners-up or related to them?


Now, Ruby Rose has been bullied off 
due to the snarky attacks
that she is not lesbian enough?
She came out when she was 12!

have tasted blood in the water.
When will this sadness stop?

Do we condemn people these days
 by social media?



  1. Too often social media has been a launcing pad; giving millions++ a voice socially, whom otherwise would not have such. Social media too often reflects these crazy out of control times. Our crazy world has become a reflection of hatred, racism & decreption.
    A person whom is a must listen is the co-founder of FB: Chamath Palihapitiya. He sold his shares early & states he has trouble sleeping at night due to the monster he hath beget. If you've not already, give him a listen or read. Chamath kind of says it all well revealing serious inherent dangers of social media...

    1. The internet has become a dangerous place to leave comments these days. -(

  2. I think it's crazy times, how intolerant and unforgiving the social media and language policing has become, mainly the Left. I've always been a Leftist myself, and still support the core values (humanity, equality, justive, free speech), but I'm very much in oposition to what I call the Stupid Left. And the Right is not any better, ref the noise regarding the old tweets from New York Times journalist Sarah Jeong (If I have understood the case correctly from the other side of the Atlantic). I'm a middle age white man but I don't take offens from these childish has tweets. There might be a reason why she wrote this at the time she did. It's like many people are running around looking for things to be offended by. Not me >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    Cold As Heaven

    1. I think those who disagree with folks on the internet search the past tweets and posts for mud to throw. Like throwing mud at a white barn, the mud may dry and drop away, but the stain remains. :-(

  3. Everyone screams tolerance and yet no one is handing it out.

    1. Same thing for compassion, too. -( I have been driving with a six inch long abscess on my back which put me out of commission sorry for the delayed comment.

  4. I think we all live in fear of something we said or did years ago that we've forgotten about because it was so trivial, but these days it can be thrown in our faces and stick like poison. Whatever happened to forgiveness?

    1. People only ask consideration for themselves not give it to others. Sad. :-(

  5. J H Moncrieff tried to comment here with this: It has been happening more and more frequently lately. What was wrong with the young beauty queen's social media posts?

    One of the courses I teach helps writers know what to do if they find themselves embroiled in a social media scandal. It can happen to anyone these days.

    J H - sorry that Blogger wouldn't let you comment. :-(