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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Switch to the news channel 
and chances are 
you will see folks 
protesting something.

Switch it again, 
and odds are 
you will see a new protest.

They obviously have more FREE TIME 
and fewer BILLS than I have!

The chronic complainer 
falls into a perpetual cycle 
of finding fault, 
feeling negative, 
unable to face the next situation 
with an open mind. 

the capacity for feeling joy 
is compromised. 

Which brings me to Thanksgiving 
here in America.

For one day out of the year, 
we live with gratitude. 

 We live with 
a sense of appreciation 
for the people who have supported us.

 We live with a deep appreciation 
for what health we have.

We live with appreciation
 for everything that we have,

and maybe even for the hardships
 that have strengthened us
  mentally, emotionally and physically.

Then the very next day, 
life takes over 
and we no longer 
feel the same way. 

Our problems 
no longer seem like blessings 
but rather burdens;

those who have hurt us 
are no longer forgiven; 

The things that we lack 
 significantly overshadow
 the things that we were grateful for
 just one single day ago. 


  We can realize
every moment of life 
had more meaning 
than we recognized at the time.

 When we're alone, 
we begin to see that 
it wasn't just 
watching sunsets together,
 or just worrying over bills.

 It was everything, 
it was the why of life,
 every event and 
precious moment of it. 

The answer to the
mystery of existence 
is the love we shared 
sometimes imperfectly.

Then we're driven to our knees
not by the weight of the loss 
but by the gratitude 
for what preceded the loss. 

The ache is always there, 
but one day not the emptiness, 
because to nurture the emptiness, 
to take solace in it,
 is to disrespect the gift of life.



  1. Blessings my dear friend, these are the trues best said words these... every day is a gift, every moment our to choose how we'll feel, I am so damn grateful for where I am right now, Happy Thanksgiving hunny

    1. Shadow, thanks so much. May this holiday season be healing and happy for you! :-)

  2. I say prayers of gratitude most mornings (I do forget sometimes!). I have done this since I had my bout with cancer. It's a wonderful and also helpful way to start the day. Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear Roland.

    1. And a Happy, Healing Thanksgiving to you, too, Inger!

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