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Monday, August 5, 2019

AWEN RISING Makes Reading Long Books Fun Again

With a long book – 

such as Proust’s In Search of Lost Time

you immerse yourself in a world that is enveloping, absorbing, that takes you on a long journey.

You get your money's worth.

More and more, 
long books in print use tiny fonts. 

But not Awen Rising.
Its font is large and readable.

The trend is to read books around 200 pages: something you can complete in an evening.

That's hardly worth the effort 
of turning the pages!  

Game of Thrones taught us the pleasure of immersing ourselves 

in a complex, magical world of conflict, ambition, and dueling strong-willed characters.

Want dragons? 

Awen Rising has them.  

And reptilian adversaries on par with the danger of the White Walkers.

Emily Mayhall is an overwhelmed woman few, especially Emily herself, 

would think of as a champion for a world bruised by natural disasters and supernatural attacks.

A Druid heritage and supernatural beckonings are insistent Destinies that refuse to take NO for an answer.

Set in a time only a decade or two from now, O. J. Barré's tale is one that will catch you up and not let you go.

Only $3.99 for the Kindle version
free on Kindle Unlimited.  

Give it a try.
You won't be disappointed.


  1. Hi Roland!
    I love a long book myself. Before the final season of Game of Thrones I took it upon myself to read through all the books. Quite a feat even when I skipped the gratuitous violence, LOL. Congratulations to O. J. Barré, aka, Olivia. I wish you many happy readers.

    Personally I'm delighted long books are coming into vogue again especially since my debut novel is sitting around 100,000 words!!

    1. Let me know when your debut novel is published ... or has it been already? Sadly, the trend is still for shorter novels (you know the shorter attention spans these days!) But it is slowly turning around.

      Olivia has written a hum-dinger of a debut novel herself. :-)

  2. Roland, THANK YOU! It's been a couple of days since you published this. Let me tell you why I'm just now commenting. One, I'm crazy busy these days, and two - and more to the point - when I first read your review my mind rejected that it could possibly be true. Weird, huh?

    I read it just before bed Monday night, then woke at 1am and reread it...and never went back to sleep. Seems even when my mind's not full of all-things Awen Rising, my body is wound as tight as Wanda Sike's Spanx!

    Only yesterday evening (a full 24 hours later), did it finally sink in that you really meant what you'd written. And that was after a writing group friend read your review to me, one sentence at a time, explaining in her words what you'd said. By the time she was halfway through, my body was trembling and tears came up from a very deep, hallowed place, tears for my book baby, the one I knew was very special, but which has now been elevated to a whole new level because of you.

    Thank you, Roland. I trust and respect your opinion as much, or more, than anyone I know. Getting your "blessing" just sealed the deal!

    And thank you, Denise! There is some violence in Awen Rising, but none for its own sake. I hope you'll take a peek. It's free on Kindle Unlimited, and you can read the first few chapters for free on Amazon's Look Inside. I look forward to hearing more about your own debut!

    Thanks again, y'all! You make my heart sing!

    1. I meant everything I wrote, Olivia. :-) Your novel shows a tremendous amount of work, creative fire, and imagination. I am proud of you.

      I love what you did with your new ad, using my words. I wish you the highest sales! Wish me luck as right now at midnight I am doing a blood run into the heart of Texas ... where's Samuel McCord when I need him? :-)