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Saturday, June 24, 2023



With pandemics, riots, 
senseless violence,  

What we can control in our lives
Seems non-existent.

What you can control as a writer 
these days 
seems to amount to very little,
 too, doesn't it?

You cannot control being knocked down,
but you can control getting up
one more time than they knock you down.

There is no secret formula 
to become a best seller
else we would all be Stephen King.

The common concept 
of Social Media Marketing
is NOT the answer

How tired are you of reading 
BUY ME! novel tweets?

How frustrated are you of FB requests 
to like a Book Page?

It is like selling a kiss.

Even if you make a sale,
there is no satisfaction to it. 

It is like kissing your sister.

So what control do we have?

We can choose to grow as a writer, 
as a human being.

Each story we write 
we strive to make better 
than the last.

We do not market an individual book.

We market ourselves.
We are the Brand that will sell.

If each blog post we write 
is evocative or funny or touching,
then, our readers 
will feel those qualities
will be in any new novel we write.

The HAUNTING of Hill House.

Based on the evocative book 
by Shirley Jackson,
the series will inspire you 
to rise above the
ordinary limits of 
whatever genre you are writing.

How do you make each new story, 
new novel better?

You start with the 
hearts of your characters.
Make them people to root for,
 to like, 
to mourn when life 
extracts its tuition from them.

Hill House is filled with decent, 
charming people
in an originally crafted 
series of dangers
whose explanation at the end 
will have you crying.

Each of your characters,
like each character in Hill House,
should have have a scene

where they come alive 
in the minds of the readers,
giving them an 
"Yes, I've been there" moment.

What do you control?  
What are your chances of success?

You are like a WWII fighter pilot.

All you can do is your best.
Fly the heart out of your dream.

You may be shot out of the sky.
But before then,
you will have flown!

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