So you can read my books

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I mean ... really?  Read what you and I, unknowns, have to say?  C'mon.

In the past 24 hour period, 900,000 blogs were created worldwide! 

Are you and I any more than ripples in a world-ocean of grasping souls, shouting "Read me!"? 

Who will notice us?  How will they?

I've written of Google Panda and other Search Engine Tools like key words that will lead a wandering cyber-soul or two your way.

But once at your blog, why should they stay?

1) Is your topic interesting to more than your zombie dog?

Does what you write have substance, style, and humor on something that is interesting and arresting? 

Does your article have a fun line that will be repeated at the water cooler across America?

The fact that no one understands you doesn't make you an artist -- nor does it persuade anyone to stay and read. 

They'll just wander away, muttering, "I don't know what her problem is, but I bet it's hard to pronounce."

And remember SHORT matches the tempers and attention spans these days.

2) Do you give more than you ask?

Nowadays, the waitress expects a tip for just showing up at your table. 

People will not come to your blog just because you write one.  You must provide a service --

a service that is given with a warm welcome and a smile.

This is a WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME generation. 

Truthfully, it always was. 

Napoleon wrote that the best way to persuade anyone was to appeal to their self-interest.

This is a stressed-out generation
as well. 

If your blog regularly makes readers laugh, muse, or nod in satisfaction that they've found something that will help them --

guess who will be coming back?

3) Are you supporting like-minded bloggers?

I don't do the A-Z CHALLENGE because I love going through the alphabet.  I do it because I like Alex. 

I write the WEP Challenge because I want to support Denise Covey and Yolanda Reese --

and some of you might consider it, too, for their numbers are growing.  See what is so fun about this challenge.

Have you read of a struggling fellow writer whose book(s) are doing poorly? 

Write a review on your blog of one of her books that is funny and insightful. 

Hey, Karma may just exist.  :-)


  1. This is much to think about. I am transitioning from doing a blog to maybe having a louder voice.
    Anonymity has its value. I can say something idiotic and get little response lol.
    However - I do need to think more about creating an audience and having a purpose to my blog. I did A to Z last year and I moved closer to having a purpose. I still got a ways to go.

    1. Go with your instincts, Ann. I enjoy doing A to Z but it is indeed a challenge!!

      Just have fun with your blog.

  2. Some very good points here, Roland! As long as we keep in mind the reason for writing is because we want and need to. The followers will come, given time.
    The WEP Challenge looks interesting - thanks for sharing!

    1. Even if the followers do not come -- those few that visit will be like-minded souls, right?

      I think you would enjoy the WEP challenge.

    2. Ha! Yes, one would assume :-) Which brings up a point I meant to make earlier: I admire how you manage to cover a lot of enthralling and/or appealing topics in your posts, thereby expanding your readership in terms of like-minded. Something for everybody- cool! :-)

    3. Thanks, Diedre.

      I'm glad you noticed that I try to post on a broad spectrum of subjects, hoping to make a visit to my cyber-home always different, always entertaining.

      I now feel as if someone actually understands my blog. :-)

  3. Hi Roland - 900,000 new blogs and I bet by now 2 hours later it's 901,765 by now! I have to say if it wasn't for this group - and all its amazing connections - I don't think I'd find blogging so much fun ...

    ... it sustained me through my mother's and uncle's last years ... and in that time taught me so much ... taught me to read! and think ... and generally ensure I do my best to keep the readers I have ... blogging has been an incredible experience for me ...

    I write quite involved posts - so don't do as much promoting, joining in as perhaps I could .. but I like to keep some individuality around me ...

    It's the chicken and the egg ... do we blog and then write a book or two: having learnt a thing or two about marketing, or do we write that book and then worry how to market it ...

    Thanks for this - you always put your special spin on things and Alex and Denise do wonders for so many of us ... Cheers Hilary

    1. Your posts are lovely just as they are. They represent you and what you find interesting. And thanks for the nice words.

  4. Interesting.
    I blog for other people's blog more than my own. A form of reciprocity...

    1. Your photos are always beautiful. And I look forward to seeing you here at my cyber-home. :-)

  5. I am out there, because I am out there... I want people to read and know my madness... laugh, cry and or well maybe buy a shirt. I have almost given up on the writing part of my world, not in a bad way. More of an acceptable understanding that it's not for me, though I try to keep those ideas coming.

    Have a super zombie dog day... :)


    1. My kitten, Midnight, grumbles that, of course, I would have a zombie dog! :-)

      Never give up hope on your dream -- you never know when the next effort will catch on.

  6. 900,000! Now that's quite a number to compete with. Thanks for the helpful tips. You're blog does it all - especially giving back to others, humor and offering something worthwhile to read.

  7. Oh, and I love how you added it all to a you tube clip with snippets. Very creative as always

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