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Friday, November 12, 2010


As Samuel McCord regards his past, his memories are angels of lightning and storm,

sweeping his mind's eye over flashes of pain through the mists of his epic life :

Coming upon his family trapped by raiding Comanches.

His sister being shot by his mother. She, in turn, being shot by her husband.

Samuel killing his own father to spare him torture by the outraged Comanches.

Discovering the true face of Elu. Losing him to a strange limbo.

Riding beside his new family, the Texas Rangers. Losing that family as he turns his back on the Alamo to rescue a small boy from kidnapping Comanches.

At the age of fifty, having his blood mingled with that of the Angel of Death. Never aging from that moment on.

An eternal old man.

Loving the mysterious, undying Meilori Shinseen. Losing her to his compulsion to rescue lost children and battered women.

A man with no home of his own, making his night club, Meilori's, a home for all the frightened street orphans and hollow-eyed women that cross his path.

But it is a dangerous home, whose back hallways, some say, lead to Hell itself. Samuel himself remains silent on the subject.

Some say he has seen too much to believe in a loving God. Others say he wants to believe but cannot. Still others whisper his silence is because he is already damned.

Meilori's, among more shivering things, is a jazz club. The people of New Orleans atrophy when kept too far from music and from that special kind of life found only where melody and magic dance in the heavy shadows.

That life is the religion in a city in whose population can be found the most profane, pagan, and deliciously wicked.

And their temple?

Meilori's, of course.

That feared club in which almost anything can happen and in which almost everything has.

Tomorrow's Post : RIGHT TURN ON DEAD where you will get a glimpse within the haunted jazz club, Meilori's : a snippet from FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE as Samuel regards his nightclub newly repaired from the damage done by Katrina.

And for those of you who have just recently become visitors to my blog, FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE is my 90,000 word urban fantasy whose logline is :

The night after Hurricane Katrina, the man with the blood of Death in his veins and his best friend, a vampire priest, must fight a last rage against the darkness to protect those who cannot protect themselves ... and in so doing, find some small measure of redemption.
Now, a video that captures the ambiance of Meilori's and the cursed Samuel McCord -- who, because his mysterious wife, Meilori Shinseen, so loved to tango, studied a hundred years to become the best dancer in New Orleans.


  1. I thought some of my newer blog friends might be unclear to just who Samuel McCord is and what FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE might be about.

    So I did this post.

    Also an agent has requested the first five pages of my novel, and I thought she might drop by as well. Wish me luck.

  2. Great logline! I'm hooked. What an intriguing story and premise.

    I am so happy that you have a partial request! All the best. No one wants your "immortal" words to be discovered more than one of your loyalist followers and sincerest friend.


  3. Thanks, Michael. Cross your fingers -- when you're not typing or drawing!

  4. Roland, that is so awesome. I am thrilled for you. Everything I can cross, is crossed. Please keep us posted, although I know that it can take awhile to hear back on partials.

    So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds interesting, Roland. I wish you the best of luck, and of course you know I shall cross everything I can when I am not typing or writing because I definitely want to come onto your blog and hear some extra exciting news.
    *fingers are crossed*

  6. LReneeS : Thanks for the everything crossing for me. It is a harsh publishing market out there with agents cautious of taking on a rookie.

    Wendy : I'm excited, too. But I also know the odds are against me. But "impossible" is what gives birth to legends, right?

    Sympathy For The Devil : You have a fitting name since McCord gets into all sorts of trouble for having sympathy for a strange being who claims to be the devil. I'm glad you like my premise.

  7. That's good news, Roland! Hope that agent recognizes the quality of your work. Wish I had time to read all of your posts.

  8. I know what you mean, Roland. I'm still trying to get published as well. Best of luck!

  9. Oh my goodness Roland, what wonderful news! I wish you the very best of luck! We're all rooting for you :)

  10. Diane : I know what you mean. I have so little free time and so much to do in it!

    Lindsy : I wish you luck in your publication dreams as well.

    Writing Nut : Thanks for the support it helps. It's an uphill fight, the odds against me.

  11. That's how I feel when I don't get a music fix, like part of me is about to atrophy. It's absolutely VITAL!