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Friday, January 21, 2011


Gypsy's entry for D L Hammons SIGNIFICANT OTHER BLOGFEST :

Sssh! Food Guy is sleeping.

The big wuss. So he has a itty bitty cold. I thought his fever of 102 degrees made a warm pillow of his forehead for me.

He whined so much about going to work for one little day that I left a wedge of cheese for him on his pillow. And did he appreciate my joke of giving him cheese with his whine?

No, he did not.

Does he appreciate me curling up on his chest for added weight resistance as he huffs through his sit-up's?

No, he does not.

Does he appreciate my feline criticism as I paw at the keys as he types?

Of course not. My words would be magical. His just lay there like stale tuna, as pretty as road-kill and about as tasty.

And all those literary ghosts who insist on ruining our sleep? What's up with that?

Ernest Heminway. Raymond Chandler. Mark Twain, well I like him ... he knows where I like my ears scratched. But if that Frost guy shows up again, droning on about which road to pick, I'll pick one for him all right ... the one that leads to the door!

And so help me if Dr. Seuss dares to show his ghostly face, I'll barf up a furball in his green eggs and ham!

If you out there wonder where Food Guy gets all the great ideas, look no further than this gypsy princess. The lousy ones, of course, are all his.
Another mindless movie Food Guy will probably see and ... sigh ... enjoy :


  1. LOL!! Nice twist Roland. Thanks for taking part in the fun today! :)

  2. very funny - thanks for the laugh, especially the comment about Frost and roads.

  3. DL : I couldn't resist. I just had to enter your blogfest and add my support to your day.

    mshatch : Yes, Gypsy is not a fan of Frost's! LOL.

    Jolene : Glad I could make you laugh out loud. Knowing I did made my evening. Roland

  4. Summer : Gypsy was so pleased with your comment that she struted across the apartment purring!

    Wendy : Gypsy and I are glad to see you again. Thanks for commenting. Gypsy is getting the big head. Ah, make that bigger head. LOL.

  5. Unique take on the blogfest, Roland. Nice stuff. Oh, and Gypsy too.

  6. Wendy : Good seeing you back here. Gypsy missed you, too. I try to be predictable. Have a great weekend, Roland

  7. Too funny,

    I just love this. What a way to end the day.


  8. Michael : I'm glad Gypsy ended your day with a laugh and a smile. It made her day, too.

  9. LOL! Love it! I have a devious feline, too...

  10. Alexia : Gypsy glad you liked it ... and her. She says deviousness is an admirable trait in felines! LOL. Have a great weekend. Roland

  11. Drive Angry: is this on DVD? Sorry; it's late, and I get all my most radical ideas late at night.

    I'll e-mail you my latest.

    Hope you're feeling up to it . .

    Oh, the SO blogfest: yay Gypsy. You tell them all GF.

    I like Gypsy as your Significant Other. She has so much personality.


  12. Awwwww beautiful Gypsy!!! It's brilliant to read your blog post!!! I hope Food Guy gets better - keep sitting on his chest - I'm sure that helps!!

    And keep up with all the great ideas!! You are a true inspiration! Take care

  13. Enjoy your whine and cheese. Personally I would go for the chicken soup. Feel better. Hubby and I enjoyed watching the trailer.

  14. Late as usual, Roland. Loved Gypsys' take on you. (LOL) cheese wedge and a hairball for the green eggs and ham.

    Take care of that cold! Might I suggest some fine KY bourbon. (For medicinal purposes only) :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. Gypsy, your fine lineage perceives you, penning such an enjoyable take on behalf of Food Guy.

    I normally consider felines as deviant critters, rambling about to their own set of rules. And yet, despite the occasional visitor from the Underworld, the two of you make the purrrfect team.

    You've obviously taught him everything he knows of the trade, therefore my advice would be to keep whispering in his ear those stories of yours, and be patient. For people are noticing, and if all goes as planned, Food Guy will have you looking quite plump in the not too distant future.

    Have a great weekend, Gypsy:)


  16. This was great, I laughed all the way through it. (Hope your cold goes away!)

    I shudder to think what my kitties would write!

  17. Words Crafter : Gypsy is, indeed, a card ... shark! LOL. I hope my cold goes away soon, too. If it kills me, I'll end up Gypsy-kibble!

    Elliot : Gypsy sends her thanks. And her take on devious is being subtle ... like putting her paw on my open mouth when I snore! I pray you are right about folks noticing. Gypsy is starting to mumble about finger sandwiches while I'm sleeping!

    Jules : And Gypsy appreciates you liking her take on me. She nixes any KY bourbon, saying I get into enough trouble sober! Have a great weekend.

    TechoBabe : Chicken soup is just about to be served ... to both of us. Gypsy likes to feel appreciated. And yes, I am looking forward to seeing DRIVE ANGRY, too.

    Kitty : Gypsy sends her regards to Charlie. And yes, Gypsy inspires me ... to get her off my chest when I wake up! I wake up think I'm having a heart attack. LOL.

    Donna : I'll look for the email. Cold willing, I'll do my best. DRIVE ANGRY is due to come out this February I believe. Gypsy is stoically resigning herself to having to watch it with me when it comes out on DVD though.

  18. LOL. What a fun and original post. Gotta love your cat!

    My significant other

  19. Ellie : Gypsy is one of a kind, all right. Thanks for enjoying my fun post from the feline perspective.

    Elena : Gypsy thought so. I'm glad my post tickled your funny bone.

  20. Hi Roland .. I had to read Gypsy's front page news .. about this poor man that has a littl' bitsy cold .. oh oh dear .. dribble, dribble .. please get well soon and don't pass it on .. Gypsy .. enjoy more lazy days perhaps he'll struggle up to give you food .. cheers Hilary

  21. Hilary : Gypsy makes sure she gets fed. She curls up on my chest and stares into my eyes until I get the message and get out of bed to feed her! I pray this cold stays away from you, Hilary. Have a healing Sunday, Roland

  22. Wow, a cat that types your posts for you...either I'm delirious or you've got yourself a treasure!

  23. Vicki : Yes, but now, Gypsy wants a salary and her name in the by-line ... and royalties. Sheesh, princesses! LOL.

  24. ...well at least your Gypsy doesn't try to trip you while walking, 'cause you forgot to feed her. lol.

    funny post, Roland.