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Saturday, September 24, 2011


{Another advanced post ... 200 words exactly.}

Ghost of Lovecraft here.

Did my prose mirror truth?

I dare not say.

My imagination was too stunted to paint what lies beyond.

I believe that this less material life is our truer one,

and that our vain presence on this transitory globe is

the secondary phenomenon.

I was wandering Thalarion, a synchroni city,

where none return,

where walk only daemons that are no longer sane, who stumble from gaps in reality that oscitate eerily.

These ruins project a diseased miasma as if the very stones are cursed.

The ghost of Samuel Clemens

made his cautious way to me.

Wise he was to be careful, for I am no longer ... human.

Bemused, I watched from the shadows.

He, though ghost, was human still, self-centered in opinion, with lacunae of astounding ignorance.

Clemens said, "You can roll around in your horrors like they were catnip. But Roland is ill. He needs your help."

"Of course I will help."

{I have looked upon all that the universe has to hold of horror,

so that the skies of spring must forever be poison to me.

So should you have breath left over from your prayers for Roland --

sing a canticle for me.}


  1. Hi Roland .. well accomplished 200 word story .. and they weren't easy words either .. I hope you have an easier weekend .. all the best - Hilary

  2. Wow. Talk about embracing the darkness. But I'd expect nothing less from you. Well done.

  3. Hi,

    Typical woman I'm doing the front to back (magazine habit) so you're my third hit: too many votes laid already up front of the queue.

    Oh so dark, Roland, and you sound seriously not well. Emerge from the dark oh brave one and embrace the light, if but for a moment's stroll through laughter and joyous realisation that dictionaries can lead people along strange paths of discovery!

    Get well soon, and banish whatever ails you with a bit of magic faery dust or Merlin's favourite nectar: honey dew. ;)

    Will go hunt out your Blue Moon, soon!


  4. Clever and thought-provoking. Well done.

  5. O boy, Im glad you warned me via your title, or else I would have been stuck with only 1 pair of underwear.

    As for your entry, an awesome internal conflict. I myself fear giving once-existing persons a voice, but you have Mr. LC on the noose in terms of knowing his character.
    Also you were frighteningly poetic, and it made the contemplation all the more rich.
    O, and the challenge words were well place, as well as every other word too. ;-)

  6. Beautiful and dark, almost lilting in its flow. Great use of the words. Love this style.

  7. This was beautifully eerie with such a dark edge to the tone, I really liked it! And I love your blog too!

  8. Nicely done my friend! My favorite by far!

  9. Hilary :
    No, they surely weren't easy words. Lovecraft was the only author I knew up to the task! Thanks for visiting, Roland

    Ron :
    Lovecraft did, indeed, embrace the darkness, but didn't he so in a lyrical way? Thanks for visiting and staying to chat.

    Francine :
    I'm slowly stumbling towards the light and better health. Victor is using reverse psychology, saying that if I die, thanks to Alice's unique dietary habits, my death won't be completely in vain! LOL.

    Thank you, Richard :
    The ailing health of my modem and myself has stopped me from visiting you and other friends as much as I would wish. Have a great weekend, Roland

    Thanks, Trickster God :
    I enjoy your name. I have Trickster Beings in most of my fantasies. They shake things up for my heroes! Your own entry was hilarious in the use of the prickly words, Roland

    K.T. :
    Thanks for the very nice words about my entry and for following my blog, Roland

    Cortney :
    Your kind words made my morning. I tried to do Lovecraft proud. Have a beautiful weekend.

    Heather :
    Your favorite so far? Wow. Even Lovecraft is without words to express his and my thanks -- and that is saying something for him! Only high sales for you, Roland

  10. I love the natural flow and darkness of atmosphere. Lovecraft was fascinating and nonetheless here in your story. Well done!

  11. Christine :
    Your words made a wearying day alone at work easier by far. Thanks. The ghost of Lovecraft is clearing his throat, saying most of the credit belongs to him. Ghosts of writers! LOL. Roland

  12. What a fun, clever take on the challenge!

    I loved your piece! Great job!

  13. This is beautiful, and reads like poetry! Very lyrical.
    Mine is #3.

  14. F. E. :
    When I read those words, the ghost of Lovecraft intoned, "Let me. Let me!" Hey, I don't know about you, but I don't say NO to a ghost like Lovecraft when he intones! LOL.

    Jen :
    One vote for you coming up. Thanks for the kind words about Lovecraft. He blushed ... for a ghost. :-)

  15. Wow, Roland, your entry reaches deep with morbid theme and imagery. I'm not usually one for dark stories, but I'm drawn to your entry now that I've read it. Well done! ~ Nadja

  16. Nadja :
    Nearing 2012 as we are, dark stories seem natural now! LOL. Besides, those mind bruising words seem to call for Lovecraft to use them. Thanks for the very kind words, Roland

  17. Dark and surreal! I like like the atmosphere of your story. Great way to use the words, too.

  18. An excellent entry Roland, but I have come to expect nothing less from you. No pressure though!

    Please look after yourself, I hope you get better soon.

  19. That's funny that you used Synchroni City, I did the same. Mine is #29

  20. I've always liked your posts, Roland, and you didn't disappoint with this challenge either. Well done. :)

  21. And in true Lovecraft style, I had to read it twice. He was never an easy read either, although it was due mostly to the time in which he wrote rather than complicated prose. However, he was a far greater master of horror than King.

  22. Very interesting and unusual. Wanted to turn the page! ; )

  23. storytreasury :
    Reading that list of arcane words just brought Lovecraft to mind. I always have fun channeling him!

    Sarah :
    Ah, you've the bar up for me. I'll try not to disappoint you in the future, too. Thanks for visiting, Roland

    Bridget :
    I realized it was a typo but decided to run with it as a small joke. Lovecraft chuckled at least. And now you. See what great company you keep? I'm going now to vote on your entry.

    Medeia :
    Thanks for the great comment and praise. I've missed you. :-)

    L. Diane :
    You just made Lovecraft blush - not a small feat, let me assure you! Thanks for enjoying my little exercise in ghost channeling a great of literature. Have only happy surprises this new week, Roland

    Sheri :
    Thanks for visiting and liking enough to comment! Come back, hear? Roland

  24. Very reminiscent of Lovecraft, indeed. I'm sure he would be happy to read such a tribute!

  25. Cheryl :
    Thank you very much for that nice compliment. Lovecraft's Old Ones pay a visit to my young hero of my YA urban fantasy, MORE THAN A NAME (still being written.)

    Have a great new week, Roland

  26. thx Roland, I appreciate your taking the time to share your opinion.
    I think, what ever our genres are, it is our responsibility as writers to bring our the trickster in everybody who confronts us.
    They build the world and dominate the universe after all.

  27. The ghost of Samuel Clements? Yeah! That's what I'm talk'n about! That was a pleasantly smooth read.

    Great job, Roland! :)

  28. Lovely imagery, Roland. Especially Twain's catnip comment!

  29. Like the way you used the words. Love the dark theme in your words. Smiled with the image of Twain and Lovecraft meeting.

  30. I liked your use of the words. A dark and eerie entry and I loved it.