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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IF I COULD BE ANYONE ... for Talli

Let us all support Talli Roland and her new book, WATCHING WILLOW WATTS :

No surprise from me. If I could be anyone, I would be Samuel McCord, lost love and cursed blood and all. He's braver than I am, wittier, and has a haunted jazz club.

How cool is that?

My favorite quote from him is :

"I move in all kinds of circles, meet all sorts of people.

I learned engraving from a counterfeiter,

accounting from a swindler.

A succubus once tried to teach me the tango.

But nothing doing. I didn't have the hips for it."


  1. Hi Roland .. I can understand your love affair with Samuel McCord - he is certainly embodied in all you do .. and I love your quote from him.

    I'm off around the blogosphere to visit some other Talli supporters .. cheers Hilary

  2. How could you be anyone BUT Sam McCord?

  3. Hi,

    Figures! Ha ha, I wish I'd laid a bet on this... He's scrumptious!! ;)

    Make sure no one spikes your drink 'cos there's a lot of women around who'd like to get a chunk of Sam!


  4. I love Sam McCord even more with that pic. That's exactly how I imagine him.

  5. Of course!! Sam McCord is a fine fellow of a cursed man!! Moody mean and manly!! Yum!!

    p.s THANK YOU FOR MY GIFT OF YOUR FAB BOOK!!! That was such a nice surprise to find in my inbox!! Thank you!

    Take care

  6. ...he boasts of Eastwood's grit, Jackman's masculine charm, Owen Wilson's inadvertent sensitivity, armed with Roland's creative wit...yep, Sam's the choice ;)

    Onward, Ms. Talli! And a hearty congrats to the newest release. Wishing you all the best of sales!


  7. Roland- I could so picture you being Samuel! Great choice and the quote is awesome.

  8. Roland, you ARE Samuel McCord! Denise

  9. Excellent choice Roland! I could so see you as Samuel. :) Wait until you see who I chose...

  10. Hilary :
    My internet keeps fritzing out on me - darn it. Thanks for visiting.

    Flying high in the sky :
    Yes, that quotes always makes me smile. Especially since Sam studied for over a 100 years to be the best dancer he could so as not to shame his wife on the dance floor -- and to be able to hold that close in public! LOL.

    Sarah :
    Sigh. I guess Sam is my alter ego. And he at least the beautiful woman of his dreams ... for a time.

    Francine :
    Luckily, like Sam, I do not drink -- we both get into enough trouble sober!! Thinking of me drunk has made many a drinking friend of mine take another drink -- or so they claimed!

    Wendy :
    Isn't that a great picture for Sam - ever in the shadows, ever alone, ever keeping an eye out on the French Quarter he has come to love.

    Kitty :
    I'm glad you liked my surprise. And I guess I put a lot of myself into Sam.

    Elliot :
    Sam tips his Stetson to you ... and to Talli. Here's joining you in wishing her the higest sales ever. Roland

    Summer :
    Although I wrote it, that quote still makes me laugh. Sam insists he gave it to me, not the other way around! LOL.

    Denise :
    In my fantasies I am Sam. LOL.

    Cherie :
    That embodies everything that Sam is : ever growing, ever learning, ever open to whomever will be his friend ... and ever with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Roland

    Thanks, Heather :
    I'm heading over to your blog now.

    Jo :
    I think Clark might have something to say about that! LOL.

  11. Aren't you him already? Did I miss something? You have all those characteristics, minus the haunted bar.

  12. Michael:
    And minus the beautiful alien wife, part succubus, part siren, all empress. LOL Roland

  13. Rock. On. Very cool, my friend~ :o)

  14. Fantastic choice, Roland. I love the quote!

    Thanks so much for taking part. I really appreciate it! And I'm sorry I'm just popping by now. I flaked out early last night! xx

  15. hello there, Just thought I would say "Hi" I am in your YA group, I'm only just working my way around everybody slowly but surely.
    Eve :)