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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It's a lot like asking :


It depends on what you want out of the relationship.


That's like MEGAN FOX only letting you talk about her on the date. "Enough about me. What do YOU think about me?"

Amazon's Kindle Fire allows side-loading

by the checking of a box in Settings that allows the installation of non-Amazon-approved apps from unknown sources --

and that's allowed for internal memory.

B&N has been said NOT to allow sideloading of non-BN-approved apps.

All right, let's get back to what you want out of the tablet relationship ...

Let's say you like to watch movies, the most recent, the better.


The Kindle Fire has access to Amazon's streaming video library, which tends to offer newer movies in comparison to other streaming services, like Netflix.

Of course, there is a lag time in terms of the movies that are offered. Most movie studios still release many movies on DVD before they release them for streaming.

That said, out of all the streaming video services, Amazon is likely to offer most movies sooner, because it allows people to rent or purchase individual movies.

By contrast, Netflix offers a subscription service,

which means subscribers pay a flat fee to watch as many movies as they want per month. Since this doesn't allow movie studios to monetize more valuable titles, Netflix is often shut out of the hottest new movies for its streaming service.

Barnes & Noble doesn't have its own streaming service.

Instead, it has partnered with Netflix and will offer a Netflix app on its Nook Tablet. The Nook Tablet probably won't offer an Amazon streaming app.

So if it's more up-to-date movies that you are looking for, I'd say that the Kindle Fire is a better device for you since you're likely to get access to more of these films via the pay-per-view or streaming video rental service.

But what if getting the latest and greatest movies is not your top priority? Which tablet then?

Again, you want SANDRA BULLOCK or MEGAN FOX?

If easy access to more content at very affordable prices is the most important thing to you, the KINDLE FIRE is hard to beat.

But if you want a slightly more robust piece of hardware, then the NOOK TABLET is a good option.

THE NOOK has twice the storage capacity at 16GB, while the KINDLE FIRE has only 8GB of storage. But THE KINDLE FIRE has UNLIMITED DATA STORAGE in its CLOUD SERVER. That makes 16 GB look anemic, doesn't it?

So if you have easy access to WIRELESS, then UNLIMITED STORAGE beats only 16 GB.

When it comes to services and content, Amazon is pretty hard to beat.

It has spent a lot of time and effort building its own content stores filled with e-books, apps, music, games, and video. While the Kindle Fire was built specifically to be a vehicle for accessing this content,

Amazon's services are also available on a variety of other devices from smartphones to game consoles, which allow you to access e-books on your iPhone as well as watch movies from the Amazon streaming service via a Roku device on your TV.

And you can access all this content on any compatible device through your single Amazon account.

The other big advantage to buying the Kindle Fire is that it gives you access to a bunch of free content with an Amazon Prime membership.

MEGAN FOX just raised her pretty eyebrow at me.

Alright, so the content isn't exactly free since you must pay $79 a year for the membership.

But you get a lot for that $79 fee, and Amazon keeps sweetening the deal by adding more and more content to the service.

So what is Amazon Prime?

Initially, it started as a service that offered subscribers free two-day shipping for items from the Amazon store. Now, Amazon also allows Amazon Prime members to stream movies and TV shows at no additional cost. And it most recently added free downloads for hundreds of its e-books on its Kindle e-readers.

Some people balk at the recurring $79 a year fee for the Amazon Prime membership. But if you are a frequent Amazon shopper and you stream and download e-books that are available for free through the service, Amazon Prime more than pays for itself rather quickly.

And it's actually cheaper than other services like Hulu Plus or Netflix. Over 12 months, the $79 fee breaks down to about $6.50 per month.

But keep in mind that Amazon Prime is only worth it if you plan to use these services. If Netflicks' high-handedness of late doesn't bother you, stay with it.

Barnes & Noble has something that Amazon doesn't have:

hundreds of honest-to-mortar stores. This is an important distinction for customers who would like more hands-on with the Nook devices and who think they'll need some personal one-on-one help with their devices.

Still, BEST BUY is selling KINDLE FIRE and BEST BUY's support staff has always been supportive -- so the KINDLE FIRE does have a hands-on avenue for help.

Also with HULU+ signing on with Amazon and all the other benefits of AMAZON PRIME (which is free for the first month of your KINDLE FIRE ownership), I believe THE KINDLE FIRE edges past THE NOOK.



  1. If I was buying (which I'm not) and I lived in America (which I don't), I'd be going for Sandra Bullock - I mean the Kindle Fire - based on this review.

  2. I'm not in the market for either right now, but I appreciate the evaluation, as I'll probably buy something like them someday.

  3. Great comparison; and you're right, $6.50 is a far better deal than what I'm paying for Netflix!

  4. That's a tough decision since I would love to be able to watch movies and shows on my eReader, but I love the capacity of the Nook. Hopefully B&N will come up with something that has movie watching capability soon!

  5. Sarah :
    Your comment made me smile on a weary morning after being on call all night.

    Anyone who knew my past would have known which tablet I would choose since Katherine, my fiance, looked strikingly like Sandra Bullock. (Katherine is waiting for me, along with Gypsy and Mother in that Land That Knows No Shadow.)

    Richard :
    Like you, I long felt no need for an eReader but a good friend at one of the hospitals loved his Kindle so that when Lifeshare gave me an unexpected bonus for working terrible hours during one of the hurricanes, I decided to buy one.

    And it has since become my treasured traveling companion. Free 3G internet and an entire library at my fingertips. Wow.

    Milo :
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, AMAZON PRIME does strike me as a much better deal than Netflix since it is cheaper and offers so much more.

    Heather :
    I hear you. Yes, 16GB is great. But if you have wireless, then the Kindle Fire gives you UNLIMITED storage with its Cloud System. Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland

  6. How was I not following you? I know I was before! Sorry, Roland. That has been remedied.

    I'm sort of dying for a Kindle Fire. I'm a total gadget girl and get excited when I see something new like this. I'm going to start dropping hints. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.

  7. I just squealed when I checked my email! THANK YOU. :) So awesome.

  8. I just came across this article about Kindle Fire you might want to read:

    You can load a lot of different apps that Kindle doesn't advertise.

  9. Jennifer :
    Blogger knocked me off your blog, too. It has been doing that to me lately so now I check on the blog of old friends to make sure Blogger hasn't given me the boot from my friends' Followers list!

    I am a gadget kind of guy myself. I am giving away a Kindle Fire to some lucky soul who has posted a review of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH should it ever reach #100 on the Amazon Sales Ranking.

    I have already given away autographs of Brad Pitt, Alexander Skarsgard, Megan Fox, Cate Blanchett. It's a neat contest :

    I'm so glad I added a bit surprise happiness to your day. Hope you enjoy Victor's and Alice's misadvetures!

    Richard :
    Thanks so much! I am heading out to my job as rare blood courier right now, but when I get back, I will check it out. Thanks for having my back, Roland

  10. I'm not much of a gadget person - so I probably won't use a lot of the features of either device. But I want a Kindle Fire!

    This was an excellent comparison Roland, and I didn't know anything about either one. So I learned a lot of useful info here. Thank you very much for posting this.


  11. Donna :
    I want a Kindle Fire, too. But I'm giving mine away as a contest prize! Like Charlie Brown says, "Aaaaargh!"

    When you post your review of VICTOR, you'll get 5 entries to win it. Write a post about my contest or VICTOR, and you'll get five more! How cool is that?

    I'm glad my comparison helped you sort conflicting ad campaigns' misinformation! Ad men! Now, I know where politicians go to get their double-speak training! LOL. Roland

  12. Hi Roland, well I love the choices. I'm a bit of a Sandra Bullock fan but she can get annoying. Hanyway, I want to know Kindle Fire (which I don't think is available for Australians) versus iPad?

    Re missing me - I'm always over here commenting my good fellow but you're so darned busy posting every day you don't get out much! Or not reading your comments????

    I hope you're priming your pump for a great RFW story on Dec 2. I can't wait for the reunion.

    Your mate


  13. Denise :
    I get out ... on the dark rural roads delivering rare blood! So much I hardly get out into the blogverse! LOL.

    I wrote a post giving 5 reasons why Kindle Fire outshines the Ipad ... for the price. Ipad, of course, has a bigger price, hence can afford more apples on their tree, pun intended!

    I still miss you! I'll be there December 2nd! Roland

  14. I'm not in the market to purchase either one per se. I'm hoping to win one - from you :)

    Excellent comparison, good sir. Keep up the good work :)

  15. Oops, I forgot to vote ... Sandra Bullock.

    As you were :)

  16. Poor Megan. She will have to live with that loss, LOL!

    I also vote for Sandra.

  17. Wendy :
    I want you to win that Kindle, too, but I want all my friends to do so, as well! Darn. Sandra is setting up some kind of Mr. Linky-like format to do the selecting. She tried to explain it to me, but it made my head hurt! LOL.

    Lydia :
    I think it would be much harder on Megan to live with me choosing her! Her husband might have something to say about that, too!

    Glad you voted for Sandra, too, Roland

  18. Thanks for comparison! Living in Europe, it's pretty hard to get the latest books in English without a device like these, but I really had no idea what I'd be looking for...thanks for your help!

  19. I don't need to win anything. I just bought KindleFire for my daughter for Christms. It's arriving tomorrow. And I also have a Nook, which I like very much. I like to support B&N whenever possible. I hate to see Amazon, the giant, get a corner on everything. I saw grandchildren and their friends lose their jobs at Borders, so...I'd like to see B&N hang in there.

    I just checked my email. Thanks!! I will of course do the review and also do a shout-out on my blog, but as I said, I'm not in the running for the gifts. Let others who don't have eReaders be in.

    You're awesome!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

  20. Glad to be of help, JennaQuentin!

    Ann :
    Your daughter will love the Fire I am sure. There are other prizes. How about a beautiful lithograph of a fiery dragon signed by Michael Whelon? A JK ROWLING or STEPHEN KING autograph? Cast-signed movie posters of AVATAR, THE ROCK, THE COLOR PURPLE, BATMAN BEGINS, OR THE BOURNE IDENTITY?

    Wal-Mart and other giants seem to drive out all the little guys it seems. But I believe B&N is here to stay, Roland