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Saturday, February 4, 2012

SUPPORT YOUR INDIE AUTHORS! Indie Author Tag Blogfest!

Francine Howarth has a great idea :

This blogfest is just a simple fun game of playing tag on Amazon to up your profile and that of your book's.


{100% of this book's royalties go to The Salvation Army.}

You'll not only meet other Indie authors along the way, ones you've probably never met before, you can guarantee readers and writers who are on the cusp of going Indie will all be watching from the sidelines and taking note of books that catch their eye and its link!

So what do you have to do?

The Rules!? I hate that word and prefer "Criteria required" for entry to the tag-party:

My own idea : hit the LIKE button on the book page of all the Indie authors involved in the tag blogfest -- sort of like patting their back!

First off: how tagging works

a) be prepared to tag all those who join the tag-party = fair play
b) basically follow tag-players’ links to Amazon
c) scroll to tag and add appropriate tags

Secondly what to do on your own blog:
d) post details of your Amazon link to your blog on 4-5th Feb.
e) copy-paste the banner (from her sidebar) to your blog's sidebar

In New Orleans, we have what is called LAGNIAPPE :
a small gift given with a purchase to a customer, by way of compliment or for good measure; a bonus.

You need read no further. But here is my Lagniappe, courtesty of the Victorian ghoul, Alice Wentworth, who would like to speak to you :


Am I dead?

Many of you have asked that about me of Roland. Am I?

Ghoul they call me. Am I?

I eat the living. But then so do many of you ...

and for far less pressing reasons :

for spite, for envy, for the sheer pleasure of it.

I was born after Princess Victoria and before grown men started wearing ear-rings.

In New Orleans, I was betrayed into a living death by Mother, jealous of my step-father's attention.

I had the cold comfort of watching her beauty wither, her loves leave her,

starting with my step-father ... who had only pretended affection for the two of us.

I gave her revenge,

and the only price was her sanity.

Watching the monster you made of your own daughter eat your beloved right in front of you

will tend to make your mind become just like your heart ... empty.

So what am I to do with Victor Standish?

I am an old woman in a girl's body. He is an old soul in a boy's frame. Hemingway once told me that it can never end well when two love one another.

And I find myself falling in love with Victor. Is what I see growing in his eyes love for me? I will destroy him I know. I feel it deep in my dry bones.

I even forced myself to tell him so. And do you know what he did?

He laughed that gypsy laugh of his, kissing me on the cheek.

"Oh, silly rabbit," he said. "Captain Sam's enemies are gonna kill me long before that! Let's just enjoy it while we've got it."

"It what?," I whispered.

"Us," he whispered back, and this time he kissed me full on my cold, cold lips.

And he didn't flinch. Not even a little.


  1. Too bad I already bought this book and cannpt help you along this journey. An excellent concept though.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for joining in the blogfest.

    Nothing like a party from time to time... ;)

    BTW: great tip for the "like" button.


  3. What a novel concept (no pun intended)! :) I love these blogfests! Thanks for the head-up! ;)

  4. Ronald, consider yourself tagged!

  5. Liked and tagged for you! Have a good weekend.

  6. I tagged Victor. :) I've heard such good things about this book and can't wait till I finally get to see for myself!

  7. Tagged you Roland. Love this cover. Looks like a great book, too.

  8. Wow. Your stuff looks amazing. I'm glad to have found you even though my computer doesn't like loading your blog page (I can hear the hamsters working hard right now).

  9. Tried on Nicki's, but I don't have an Amazon account so can't tag. Will ask my wife if she can do it.

  10. Victor is all mine... that sounded creepy. I'd feel better about it if he were at least 18.

  11. That looks like a really interesting story, and a fun blog hop. I'm not an Indie author, so I guess I won't be joining, but it's a great idea.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Nice to meet you!

  12. Julie Daines :
    Thank you for the kind words. Yours is a great blog.

    Jo :
    I want to cry. Blogger ate my comments when I was almost finished! Auuuuagh!

    Victor goes with a ghoul born in the Victorian Age so he just smiled wide at your comment. Besides when his THE RIVAL comes out, you might enjoy the laughs from the chapter, THE MENAGE A TRIOS OF DEATH! It is sexy in only the most hilarious of ways!
    Alex :
    You really should get an account just so you and your wife can both tag and like your CCASSAFIRE!

    Ava Donja :
    I like your name so much, I may use it (with your permission of course) for a gypsy's name in Victor's 4th book, THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT! Thanks for enduring the load time. I love my cyber toys too much! Yours is a fascinating blog.

    Debra :
    So are your books! Yours is a lovely blog, Roland

    M Pax :
    Love your astronaunt avatar. Iasn't Leonora Roy's artwork fantastic? I have tagged and liked your book, too.

    Marsha :
    I have done the same for you. A great weekend to you as well.

    Stephen :
    Great interview on your blog, by the way. Have boomeranged the tags and likes!

    Jack :
    You are the man! Thanks, Roland

    Francine :
    Victor winked at me : "Every once a great while, Roland, you come with a good idea." Alice whacked his shin bone for me! This is fun. Tomorrow is part 2 for me!

    Donna :
    Maybe you could tag and like Victor's UNDER A VOODOO MOON? Thanks for visiting and staying to chat a bit@! Roland

  13. Oh, in case you're wondering why I am off to this late start :
    This is my first weekend off in so long that I cannot remember the date of the last one. So I slept in with the phone turned off and went to see UNDERWORLD with a friend who is like Alex's wife and understands males' obsession with Kate Beckinsale!

    Alex, you were right about the movie, Roland

  14. Everyone, tune in tomorrow for PART TWO OF INDIE AUTHOR TAG DAY!! Roland

  15. Sandra :
    Thanks so much. Alice curtsies your way. The safest friendly gesture a ghoul can make! LOL.

    Kate :
    Nice to meet you as well! Thanks for the tag!