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Friday, October 19, 2012


 {The goddess, Tyme, courtesy of the fabulous Leonora Roy}

So said one post I recently visited.  Ah, I really like to eat and sleep out of the rain so that advice was just silly.

Oh, she also said Americans were too fat,

were possessed by their possessions,

and usually had loveless relationships ...

and beans were bad for you.

(Mostly true ... except for the beans ... beans are bad for those around you.)

I've written this some tongue-in-cheek (but not much).

  Here is her post to provide her side of things:

Tammy Theriault wrote an amusing, insightful post on how she made use of the time she had

to write whenever, wherever she could:

So what about my title: UNUSED GEARS?

When Victor Standish's age, I had a bike with one gear for everything:

 outracing Old Ones,

smacking evil trolls who were assaulting the head cheerleader of my school,

and other assorted heroics that swirled in my head as I rode to and back from school.

When I became an adult (at least in years), I bought a bike with more gears than a Swiss Army knife has doo-hickies.

Not that I used them all.  Who knew what they all were for?

I used basically three out of the army of gears available to me.

But the gears were there waiting for me to use.  The same with time.  All of us are given the same quota.

Some just use it more effieciently than others.

We all stand in too many lines, scrub in the great echo chamber of our shower, sit in too many doctor offices.

Carry a notebook.  You balk about writing a whole page of your novel in such settings.

Write bits of dialogues.  They're short.  And you get to borrow from the snatches of conversation going on around you.

Or write splashes of descriptions of exotic locales or the characters in your novel.  Dialogue and descriptions don't demand you put down a beginning, middle, and end.

Carry a mini-tape recorder.  Leave it by your bed to speak into it on a vivid dream you just had that would be perfect for your novel.

(That saves you from having to make out the senseless scribblings scrawled on a notebook page in the dark!)

The recorder is great for when you are stuck in traffic. 

Do not use it while actually driving.  Distracted driving kills, and I want you around to visit my cyber-home!


  1. Good advice, as always, Roland.

    I prefer to have a small notebook or pad. I do what you're advising, write in those little moments. Character studies, and scenes are my faves. I don't like recorders, because you have to transcribe the info.

    Now,I've got to do some reading.

  2. I've tried carrying around a notebook and pen, but I get distracted by the writing thought and get in trouble at work or with my family. But I've had a few really excellent concepts pop into my mind and been able to immediately write them down. It is good advice.

    I was listening to Enja while reading your RFW post. Not a good mix together, lol.


  3. D.G.:
    The thing about recorders is that sometimes hearing an idea sparks another you had not thought about consciously. But transcribing them is a drag all right.

    Happy you got something out of this post. Victor is humming. The rascal is just certain you are reading about him. Alice is chastising him for his hubris! :-)

    I would hate for you to get in trouble at work over doing something I suggested!

    Usually, my music fits the prose of my post. This time, it only fit the theme: time.

    Sometimes I forget my notepad, and I have to scribble on a piece of paper from my back pocket! It's a challenge to read my scribbles then! LOL.

    Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland

  4. Excellent, excellent advice. I use the notebook app on my Iphone as well as my Dragon app. Love these two tools.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Roland, there is always time to do the things we most want to do - if we choose. We can find a way.

  6. Shelly:
    See? You are far more cyber-literate than I. A notepad app to your smart phone? How cool. My Stone Age phone only has its GED!

    I believe the same thing. Of course, if we won the lottery we could spend more time writing but would we get as much done?

  7. thanks for the tag, roland! i don't think i could give up beans either...they are just to fun to torture people with!

  8. I love "Only Time" by Enya. Of course, I pretty much love any Enya song.

    You are right. It's all in time management. :)