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Sunday, November 11, 2012

"LOOK" is a dirty word TAG GAME

{Image of Victor's mother by the talented Leonora Roy}
Nancy R. williams tagged me with this cute little challenge:

Tag! You're it!

Who remembers that game? In this take, the requirement is to copy several paragraphs from your current manuscript with the word 'look' in it.

As we enter this portion of THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT, Victor has just been thrown from Oblivion by the dreaded SHE WHO BREEDS into a swarm of attacking dragons high in the skies of Faerie.

Unknown to her, Alice and the 8 legged winged stallion, Sleipnir, have hitched a metaphysical ride within Victor:

The fullness in my chest flowed free.  I arched in a weird kind of Charlie-horse of the soul.  I felt a strong, massive body between my legs.  Sleipnir.  His black wings pounded the air like Hephaestus’s bellows … but stronger.  I felt cold lips kiss my cheek.  I twisted about to look at Alice, the wind of Sleipnir’s flight blowing back her hair in a wild blonde halo.

Her face.  It fills me with emotions I can’t put into words, but me, being me, I will try.

 Her beauty has a haunted, ethereal loveliness. In her eyes, I see the wisdom born of so much pain.  Not that I'm blind to the other side of her, mind you.  Hers can be a monster’s eyes as well.  But even then her compassion, her courage are undercurrents of hope in the darkest moments.

This otherworld beauty, this spiritual beauty
—which is the deepest truth of her—
keeps me going in times of fear and despair, reminding me that another tormented soul walked similar valleys of the Shadow as mine and came through them as lovely in spirit as she is.

I see nothing wrong in thinking of the mercy of Elohim when I think of Alice's love for me since the one is a reflection of the other.
        The selfless love that we give to others to the point of being willing to sacrifice our lives for them, is all the proof I need that human beings don't have to be just creatures of self-interest. 

        We carry within us a divine light, and if we choose to recognize it, our lives have dignity, meaning, and hope.

         In her that light sometimes fades, but it always returns, always.  And while the fact of it leaving wounds me.  That it returns, like dawn after a long trying night, heals me.

{Zombies just won't leave us alone!}


  1. Are you saying Alice is Victor's soulmate, in a literal sense of the word?

  2. "I remember everything", Alice [Resident Evil]

  3. "In her that light sometimes fades, but it always returns, always. And while the fact of it leaving wounds me. That it returns, like dawn after a long trying night, heals me." So very beautiful! Looking forward to reading more so hurry and finish this book :)

  4. Very cool excerpt, Roland. I appreciate how your prose takes the reader to a higher, more spiritual level. Keep up the good work!

  5. D.G.:
    In their past adventures, Alice and Victor have mingled their essences in efforts to outwit their foes. The two have literally become one. So much so that even when Victor "died," his soul echo remained with Alice in END OF DAYS, sacrificing himself to save her. They are my Urban Fantasy Romeo and Juliet. :-)

    Sadly, Victor's Alice is the same way: she doesn't become hysterical; she becomes historical!

    My current warfare with the apartment owner and the BB infestation has kept me from the post office. I promise that I will ship off your prize. All the prizes are kept sealed in safe zip-lock bags until then.

    Victor is maturing in his thinking (thanks to his grueling adventures) so his thinking is advanced for his years. He, of course, takes full credit for the power of his words! :-)

    Thank you so very much for the compliment! I am trying to squeeze all the prose in what little free time my work and my warfare with the BB's allow me. I hope to write something that lives up to your expectations.

    Victor has seen so much, endured such pain, that it has heightened his perception of life and reality. I'm glad you enjoyed my little snippet. :-)

  6. Complete and selfless love - agape love.

  7. L. Diane:
    Yes, I thought on Sunday it was fitting to talk not only of Victor's and Alice's romantic love but of the agape love they both share one with the other. Thanks for understanding, Roland