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Sunday, April 21, 2013

6 Great Ways to Get People to STOP VISITING YOUR BLOG!

“Step right up and don’t read my blog!”

Would you ever write that on your blog?  You just might be if ...

1.)  Make it hard for me to find the comments box:

If I am taking time out of my day to read what you have to say but have a hard time finding the comment/reply option,

don’t expect me to comment.

Knowing I am unable to interact with you, I might not return.

Make it easy for me to find your comment/reply option.

2.) Keep the load time at its absolute maximum:

If your blog post/title catches my eye, but once I click to get there,

your load take takes what seems like forever, I might not come back.

*) Want to avoid this?

The more images, videos and other multi-media you have on your blog
the longer it will take to load.

 However, images and other multimedia are important to attracting users to your blog SO

Decrease the size of your images or use thumbnails that link to the full-size image.


3.) Post content sporadically or rarely:

Do you like getting your news current or just now and then with no order to it?

 Most of us like up-to-date information.

Once your readers know your blog exists, take time to nurture and craft a blog post with regularity. Even if you decide to post once a week,
don’t stray from that.

Consistency breeds loyalty.

4.) Ignore Your Readers:

Don’t engage with people and neglect reciprocating on their blogs to ensure minimum repeat visitors to your blog.

Seriously, the first word in social media is “social”—

it’s a two-way street.

Talk to your readers, visit the blogs that visit you, engage with your audience.

Content is king but interaction rules the online social media universe.

5.) Have lots of WHINE to the cheese of your posts:

You might be one of the greatest new writers around, but if you whine continuously then expect
a drop in visitors.

Depressing merde dumps itself on my doorstep daily so I really don't have to go out of my way to your blog for the experience!

6.) If you hawk it, they will come:

Ever been to those blogs that has tons of advertisements that shout at you?

How did you feel?

Having some advertisements is alright but crowding your blog with banners and links would turn off your readers.

Moreover, blogs with lots of advertisements usually take a long time to load,
which I’m sure you know, is not good for SEO purposes.

What do you think are ways to get people to stop visiting your blog?


  1. A big one that turns me off is if there's too much going on on the page. If I have to search for the text of an entry, it's too much work.

  2. I hear you about load time. I tried to visit one blog yesterday and there were so many videos loading that I gave up waiting before a single post had come up.

    I would also like to add CAPTCHA to that list.

  3. Those will all do it!
    Also, post only about yourself and your book/product/whatever. Your blog is only about how great you are.

  4. Great anti-advice, Roland! I probably blog too much about my work instead of general interest topics, but I'm a writer first and a blogger second. My traffic has slowed, but more doesn't always mean better, and the quality comments I receive are worth more to me than mad dash one-liners.

  5. That first one really gets on my nerves. Drives me crazy when I can't find the comment box. I know: whine, whine, whine. :)

    VR Barkowski

  6. I dislike the Google + pages that do not have a link to that person's blog. It makes it difficult to find them.

    Slow-loading pages, whiny posts about how busy they are (most of us are busy as well), and no reciprocity (as Arlee mentioned).

    And, I agree with Milo, quality comments are much better than one-liners (of a general nature).

  7. Kellie:
    I can sympathize there. Sometimes there are so many advertisements and pronouncements that I get lost!

    I gave my book trailers their own page for that very reason!

    Aw, man! What if you really are great? LOL.

    I know how people are contrary enough sometimes to do the opposite of what you say is smart! LOL.

    Your posts give inspiration to those of us struggling to never give up hope!

    I am with you! I go a bit "Bay at the Moon" when folks seem intent on hiding how to comment on their blog! And would you like some cheese with that whine? :-) In that case, I'll have to give myself some of that cheese myself!!

    Yes! Those pesky Google+ Pages! There is something about them that will not load on my computer. And then, I have to hunt for their blogs -- and you're right: sometimes they are not listed. Those folks must not get the "social" in Social Media! :-)

  8. Great 6! I agree. Load times are really important for me, if it takes to long to load- I tend to wander off to somewhere else. My time is important to me.

    Love the Calvin and Hobbs mix in.

  9. Summer:
    I wander off, leaving it in its own tab, to go off somewhere else. But if I return and it still is loading, I switch it off.

    I thought to add Calvin & Hobbes in to bring a few smiles along the way this Sunday! :-) I'm glad it brought laughter your way. Roland

  10. No pics of cats?! I'm kidding!!! LOL!! Dogs and other creatures are as lovely too!

    p.s. it doesn't make me stop going to the blog - but I'm really really really finding Google+ difficult - I want to go to the blogger's blog but am faced with this Google+ interface... there are quite a few who've commented on my blog and I try so HARD to comment back but they're on Google+ and I'm totally lost. And that makes me sad cos it looks like I'm not responding! :-(

    Take care

  11. Kitty:
    Hey, Gypsy has a permanent picture in my sidebar. My ghost cat just swatted me because it is WAY down my sidebar! :-)

    Google+ has become more difficult of late for me to enter. And even when I have merged into cyber traffic as it were -- I have a hard time finding their blog or linking to it once I do find it!

    Have a great new week, and thanks for commenting!!

  12. 3.) Post content sporadically or rarely?: Yep, that's me. It is a wonder anyone follows me in that case!

    And I must say, Roland, that your blog takes a while to load up. HOWEVER, as it's one of the best blogs out there, I shall forgive you :)

    Google* is driving me up the wall!

    Bloggers that do not interact I find tedious also. Saying that though, some of them are also the biggest supporters on my blog. So, for that, I shall forgive them too :)

    And let's not talk about word verification .... aargh!!!!

    That's quite enough from me!

  13. Wendy:
    They visit because they like you do I. :-) Hey, I went through some unsettling moments as I tweeted you during that Auckland earthquake, not knowing from tweet to tweet how you were!

    (Hangs head in shame) Yep, guilty as charged -- but I did take the book trailers down to another page! I try.

    I thought I was the only one having trouble with Google+ until this post. I feel not quite so alone!

    Word Verification! AAAAARGH! It drives me "Bay at the Moon" crazy when I try to make out those blurred, wavy letters.

    Thanks for visiting!! :-) Roland

  14. ...sporadic posting, yep, guilty as charged. In my defense, I often find myself on the road, (day job duties.) Housing a multitude of foster children at various times throughout the year tends to chew into my writing time as well. Ahh, excuses, excuses...

    Another annoyance to consider, those pesky comment verifications when attempting to leave comments...a series of numbers followed by a set of block letters that are nearly impossible to decipher. I usually give it one chance. If it fails to publish, I move on.

    Great post, Roland ;)


  15. Elliot:
    As a rare blood courier, whose center is busily downsizing and changing my duties, I understand all too well about the plucking demands of life!

    Yes, word verification is a bane. I hardly ever get it right the first time!

    Thanks for visiting and staying to comment!! Roland

  16. I want to capture the inventors of CAPCHA and make them watch nothing but Google+ pages All. Day. Long. :)

  17. Hello, my friend... my pet peeve is (actually, there are two) difficulty finding the "comment" prompt, and then when I post, having to do the "prove you are not a robot" thingy. I admit, I am bad about commenting on comments, but am trying to improve on that. Right now, I am hopping about trying to read a lot of blogs and support other bloggers. I am a loyal follower of yours, although I don't always leave a comment. Bless you for your common sense tips. Best regards, Ruby

  18. Mark:
    Some in social media have a twisted idea of what "social" means!

    Thanks so much for commenting! I've missed you! I hate having to prove I am not a robot! I often write that -- some have not reacted kindly to that. Ouch!

    I am so happy you have been here all along, reading. It makes me feel not so alone. I have my friend back. :-)

  19. Hi Roland - couldn't agree more; I struggle with Google plus; and people who perhaps are more technically minded and have their blog all high-tech ... leaves me wondering what to do - I usually manage to find a way round, but not always.

    I do hate whiners, and whiner comments - totally frustrates me .. and too much flash ..

    Anyway that's enough, otherwise I might perjure myself ..

    Cheers Hilary