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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

L is for LEGEND as in the Legend Finds His Voice!

{Audio Book Coming this August 1st!}
Yes, Victor is finding his voice.
And alas, no, it is not that of the talented Elena Solodow
who did such a fine rendition on this blog.

 There are millions of eBooks out there. 
Not so many audio books.  There has been a tenfold increase in audio books from 2011 to 2012!
The latest info from the AAP reveals that the US downloadable audiobook market was worth $87 million in 2012,
and that it has seen an annual growth rate between 20% and 30% for the past several years.
THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH is set to join the audio market in late July or early August.
Ultimately, just because an audiobook is available on Audible doesn’t mean listeners will be interested, or even be aware of it.
Nobody will buy a book they’ve never heard of. 
So the real issue is:

How are they going to find it?

How will you do the marketing?
And there has to be some realistic expectations.
This entails knowing the target audience and getting them excited about the title.
Will you help me pass the word about THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH coming to audio?
THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS is scheduled to become an audio book July 1st.
RITES OF PASSAGE is scheduled to enter the audio waves in mid-July.

Will you help me spread the word about these three audio books hitting the market?


  1. Of course, I will.

    Tweeted and shared.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Thanks, Shelly!
    Alice blows you a kiss, too. :-)

  3. What would you like us to do, Roland? An info post, a mention, an interview post, or reviews on the book sites?

    I don't mind posting, if you send the particulars.

  4. Yes! Specifics? Just stopping by for the A-Z Challenge. Please check us out and sign up to follow if you like what you see. Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse

  5. D.G.:
    Any of those would be appreciated. Beggers cannot be choosers.

    If anyone would like a free ebook copy of those three books to review or do a post on their blog, I would send it gladly to them. Just let me know your email address.

    THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS has Elu, Sam's blood brother, in it. A clue to Hibbs' parents can be found in RITES OF PASSAGE.

    If you would like to do an interview with me on the subject of making an audio book or on the art of linking your novels together while maintaining each novel as a stand-alone novel, I would be glad to answer those questions or give you the questions and the answers to post on your blog.

    Thanks for having my back.

    I hope my above answer gave you an idea or two what you might do to fan the flame of interest in my audio books.

    I am heading over to your blog now.

  6. Hi Roland! I purchased and downloaded your book. If you have an interest in adoption or know someone who does, feel free to purchase mine

  7. Hi, Roland...

    I will definelt mention it on your featured day ... And u will do a full post for you after the a-z!

    How exciting!!!!!

  8. I would be delighted to help in any way I can. But I suspect you know that already :)

    I think this is a very exciting new venture, Roland, and I wish you well.

    May even purchase an audio copy myself!

  9. That is awesome!! Elizabeth Spann Craig posted just last week about audiobooks. I will gladly spread the word for you.

  10. Count me in, Roland! Just let me know what you'd like me to do.

    Congratulations on this new venture!!!!

    VR Barkowski

  11. Juliet:
    Come my next paycheck, your book is mine. Thanks for purchasing mine!

    As we speak, THE LAST SHAMAN, has also been picked up to be made into an audio book. This is exciting! Thanks for mentioning it later on. :-)

    I know you will have my back. You have been a good friend! :-)

    Thanks for being there for me!

    Thanks. Once April madness is over, a guest interview would be great! Let me know if you want me to supply both the questions or answers or you would like to come up with questions that only you could conjure! :-)