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Monday, May 20, 2013


Hibbs finds his voice.
Help him find his audience!
{The Turquoise Woman courtesy of Orietta Rossi}
The Turquoise Woman requests that if you could mention it on your blogs or even do a post on her beloved Hibbs, she would be most appreciative.    
And since she controls the weather and earthquakes ....
Just saying is all.
Right now, THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS is available on Audible --
soon it will be on Amazon and iTunes.
Try AUDIBLE for 30 days and GET A FREE AUDIO BOOK!
Audible Free Trial Details
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How cool is that? Hibbs just coughed suggestively hoping your free audio book will be his.
Think THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS meets LORD OF THE RINGS meets Native American myth.
You will never listen to another book like it.
Like VICTOR'S stories?    His mother is in it.
Like SAMUEL McCORD?   ELU is a major character in it, contesting with Victor's mother and with the Sidhe in mystic Avalon ... that's right an Apache diyi taking on fae!
{Oyggia courtesy of Leonora Roy.}
And then ELU battles MAIJA!
Like THE LAST SHAMAN?     THE TURQUOISE WOMAN is a central character, sparking the adventures with an unwise fit of temper.
Like THE LAST FAE?      FALLEN is in it repeatedly, granting Hibbs the mysterious Staff of Sacrifice
And wait until you meet Hibbs and his two brothers: the Thunderbird and Surt, fated destroyer of all nine worlds!
Listen to the sample and pick it up AND TELL HIBB'S STORY ON YOUR BLOGS:


  1. Congratulations, Roland! You bet I'll mention it for you on Wednesday.

  2. Congrats on The Bear with Two Shadows (it's keeping me entertained - I love the humor and wisdom of Hibbs) I was reading the ebook version last night - and trying to visualize the battle with the Horned One. . .

    Good Luck, Jack's voice is excellent for this book.

  3. Thanks, Alex:
    Hibbs is facing an uphill fight, but for a mystic Grizzly those are the best kinds! I'll need all the help I can get from my friends this time!

    Hibbs does have dry humor while sometimes being wise and often otherwise! It makes me smile that you were just reading it last night.

    I tried to make the Battle of the Greasy Grass (what the Sioux called the Battle of the Little Big Horn) as visual and exciting as I could. Tell me what you thought of it when you finish the battle, all right? :-)

  4. You're always doing amazing things, Roland. Lots of respect. <3

  5. You've done it! Congratulations, Roland. I intend to visit Audible early next month when my credits role around. Can't wait to give Hibbs et al. a listen.

    Whew! This is one big Monday, there are events happening all over the blogosphere. I can't keep up.

    VR Barkowski

  6. Awesome, Roland. If I can remember (with my scattery brain) I'll put it in tomorrow's post.

  7. Sounds positively wonderful! I'm so excited that Hibbs has found his voice!

    I wish you both all the very best in health and wealth, Roland!

  8. Wooooo-Hoooo!
    I have to say, very proud!
    Best of the Best to you!

  9. Congrats, Roland! I'm getting it next Thursday. But in the meantime, I'll mention, too. I'm so excited to get my first audio book!

    I'll be over in a little while to vote on JukePop :)

  10. Morgan:
    Lots of friendship from this end from me and Hibbs! :-)

    I know what you mean! Just keeping up with my projects is a challenge! Hibbs thanks you for using your credit on him!!

    The Turquoise Woman would smile if you did!

    Hibbs sends his growling best to you and yours too! Cross your fingers for me!

    I certainly could use some of the luck you're wishing me! Thanks!

    Words Crafter:
    Thanks for Thursday and for voting for Victor on JukePop Serials. They sent me an email hinting his time was short there unless he got more votes! Ouch.

  11. Yes I will Roland, I couldn't believe the bear grease part! Your book was taking my mind off my troubles last night.

    Also, reviewed Jessica Bell's 'The Book' today, if you have time to have a look.

  12. Cool news! It's a great experience to have someone read your novel, Roland.

    Will check it out on Audible.

  13. D.G.:
    I pray your troubles ease. Hibbs is glad that he helped in some small way.

    My center is downsizing, and it is killing me to see long time friends losing their positions and working, knowing they will not have a job in just days. My position is not all that secure, so my friends who rally in the blogverse help more than they know!

    Yes, a few friends have chuckled over the bear grease part! :-)

    I am heading your way now.

    Isn't it a cool experience having a good voice actor read your novel?

    Thanks for checking it out on Audible! :-)

  14. A great way to branch out Roland; congrats.


  15. Hi Roland .. that sounds great - and I'll be looking forward to listening to Hibbs and his story .. I'll be back to join Audible and get "The Bear with Two Shadows" ...

    .. you've been incredibly enterprising with this approach .. and it'll be such fun hearing the story ...

    Brilliant news - and good luck with it all .. cheers Hilary

  16. Chocolate hugs to you! Congrats! Shared and tweeted for you.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  17. HOW EXCITING! Congrats and ALL THE BEST! I know it will be a success Roland. I have a special place for this story in my heart.

    I will definitely check out audibles too!

    I will definitely give you a shout out! Either Friday or Monday. I have a few other things I am obligated to post first.

    Hats off to you and HIbbs!