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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Listen to a bruised legend ... Listen to THE LAST FAE

{The Audio Book coming the first of July!}
There was method in my madness yesterday:
THE LAST FAE is a collection of tales told by a lonely, haunted fae bruised by sexual abuse. 
Like many girls sexually abused, Fallen tends to sexualize everything ...
but still yearns for romantic love though she is afraid to believe in it.
And who is talented enough to voice such a haunted fae?
 Shelley Avellino
          Musician, Singer and Artist. Originally from the UK with a voice like velvet!
          She is a British Voice Over Artist with a wide dynamic range.
          She can do most British accents and loves to do character voices. 
          Shelley's good with any mood and absolutely loves what she does, which comes across in her work.
          She has her own studio, and so Shelley can do a quick turnaround. She's professional, reliable and very easy to work with.    
           When THE LAST FAE AUDIO BOOK comes to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, you will be amazed at her vocals!      


  1. With her accent, how could it not rock?

  2. Good Luck with all your audio books, Roland. Why is the British accent important for this one? (since I haven't read The Last Fae) I thought Alice was the only one with a British accent.Sorry if it's a silly question.

    It's great that you're finding such suitable voices for reading your work.

  3. Alex:
    Shelley's performance rocks even more than her accent. :-)

    You never ask silly questions.

    My mythos of faes in THE LAST FAE says that Avalon is truly New Zealand:

    That the Sidhe Mounds led from Britain to those islands below the equator -- which is my explanation why when a knight errant went from England to Avalong day became night, winter became summer.

    So the Sidhe took on the accents of those from Britain from the long interaction between the two peoples.

    That's the logical explanation that was born from my falling in love with Cate Blanchett's voice as Galadriel doing the intro to the first LORD OF THE RINGS. To my muse, all Sidhe speak with a British accent.

    There is even one story that occurs in a British insane asylum where Evil, not Good, fights off an invasion of aliens from the stars.


    Now, you have the logical reason and the silly romantic one! :-)

  4. I like Kate Blanchett as Galadriel too. That's the kind of role model we females need.

    What a great twist and thanks for the explanation on the Fae. I like that New Zealand is/was Avalon.

    Before I settled in Canada, I was headed for New Zealand. . .

  5. LOVE the trailer! Sending you an email :)