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Friday, January 17, 2014


All you have to do is tell michael what you LOVE about coffee.
At Meilori's, Sam serves the best coffee -- black as night, sweet as sin.
Thomas Jefferson called coffee the favorite drink of the civilized world. 
But McCord's coffee is the favorite drink of the supernatural world ... except for those who sip O- blood.
A double dose of dark roast taken from the fields of pre-Aztec Columbia .  For each cup, two heaping tablespoons, smelling like midnight should smell. 
A dash of the original chicory root from the moist soil of Ancient Egypt for bite and body. 
Two more heaping tablespoons for the rune-carved pot, old when Eve was young.  A phoenix egg cracked over the pot.  The yolk cupped out and white and shells thrown into the pot, filled with the distilled tears of laughter.
Sam says he knows nothing that polishes coffee and makes it shine like that. 
Only when the moon hides her face in winter is this coffee made over coals still burning from the first lightning strike in Eden. 
The air to such an evening is very cold, so that the brew, rising from coldness to a rolling boil, breathes into the darkness such a heady aroma that you almost taste the smell caressing your nostrils.
 Your mouth waters.  Your tongue grows dry.  And a hungry yearning to taste such a coffee fills you and never quite leaves.
The first sip of that coffee will haunt you every morning afterwards when you rise to the ditch water that criminally calls itself coffee.


  1. Safe to say that coffee could be called out of this world.

  2. Fun post, Roland. I love coffee and the first cup is always the best. Also, did you know that it has more antioxidants than blueberries or red wine?? Yeah. The best foods: coffee, red wine, blueberries, and dark chocolate. Life is good!
    I like the idea of something smelling like midnight and sweet as sin. Get me another cup right now!

  3. Coffee runs through my veins like the waters of the Rio Grande down to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Yes I have had a bit too much to drink this morning!
    COFFEE that is!

  4. Ah, but what does that coffee do to you?

  5. L. Diane:
    Safe to say all right. :-)

    Ah, but I didn't mention the price of a cup! Cue the spooky music. I didn't know that about coffee. Blueberries and the taste of coffee might clash!

    I'm a hot tea man, myself. But I couldn't let Michael down.

    That is material for another post. Besides, I drink hot tea. :-)

  6. sadly i am up to 8 cups of coffee daily and my wife buys the expensive kinds... for that i am very wonky.


    half or more of my comments come from the buzz and i say "buzz, buzz".

  7. There's nothing better than sipping from a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter morning...

  8. Jeremy:
    8 cups? Doesn't sound healthy. Chicory doesn't have any caffeine you know. And it does have a bite. :-)

    Or hot chocolate! :-)

  9. Very well done.
    "Your mouth waters. Your tongue grows dry. And a hungry yearning to taste such a coffee fills you and never quite leaves."

    MMM - want coffee. . .

    But I did notice you said O-blood, is that type O or Otherworld O ?

  10. D.G.:
    O- is the universal donor type. But Otherworld O works too. :-)

    I liked your post!

  11. Love the one about coffee smelling like midnight! That's exactly right.

  12. Lee:
    Thanks for the kind words. I love the whizzing books on your web page! :-)

  13. A true tribute to good coffee. It is the drink of civilization.

  14. Hi, Roland. Stopping by for the Coffee Hop. Happy Friday!

  15. Coffee... I feel like it's a big joke that the world hasn't let me in on. I'm not the only one that's actually tasted the stuff, am I?

    But then again, I've never had he pre-columbian version. Maybe that's the problem. I just need a time machine.

  16. Now that sounds like my kind of coffee. An excellent post, as usual. Very rich images you conjure. My boyfriend makes eggshell coffee all the time, and it really does taste amazing...though we haven't tried phoenix eggs yet.

  17. Cathrina:
    Thanks. I think you would get a kick out of a visit to Meilori's.

    Like THE MENTALIST and Captain Picard, I prefer tea! :-)

    Happy Weekend, Suzanne!

    They give the coffee a jolt of good feelings that last through the week! :-)

    I could use a time machine, too. But to go to South Africa in the days of pre-history where the texts tell us that diamonds actually layered the beaches!

    Shell Flower:
    I would rather hatch a phoenix egg than crack one! :-) Thanks for the very kind words!

  18. I can no longer drink coffee - but could and would get very drunk in an ambience like this. Drunk on atmosphere, scent and excitement.

  19. Elephant's Child:
    Sam, himself, drinks orange juice. You could join him in that. :-) Meilori's is a place unto itself, jazz and the supernatural -- what could be better? Sam gives you an open invitation -- but reading about his place is much safer!

  20. HI, Roland,

    Yet another exquisite glimpse into the world of Meilori's!

    Your historic references are just perfect, since this the coffee I am giving is COLOMBIAN. A country rich in ancient culture and interestedly enough farming. IT's a fascinating country. Even on top of the Andes, 9000 fit above sea level, the flora is sub tropical. Palm trees, ferns, hibiscus, and fruit trees grow lushly through the emerald landscape.

    Thanks so much for your entry, especially knowing that you don't like coffee. This certainly is worthy of Tea. Do let me know which one's your favorite and I'll send you some...

    As always ... beautifully written!

  21. Michael:
    Though I drink tea, I couldn't let you down and not join in your bloghop. Columbian coffee I hear is the best. Columbia would be a great country to visit but for the drug lords.

    Thanks for the kind words. :-)

  22. Lovely post. Wonderful images. Love the ambience over at Meiloris...
    To be honest, I've been a Rooibos tea drinker for most of my life. With regards to coffee, I only drank one cup, first thing in the morning. That was it.
    But within the last 5 years or so, I've become something of a coffee junkie. Now I'm trying to cut down and get back to one cup per day.

  23. Oh dear. Coffee will never taste quite the same now, without a phoenix egg!