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Tuesday, August 19, 2014



Thanks to all of you for such nice comments and emails.  The heavy-duty pain meds are a thing of the past.  So now, I am smarting a mite.

Hibbs has decided to come to my rescue this post:

Here is a snippet from the chapter,

Hibbs, as was his nature, was exploring. That he was alone in the dreaded Valley of the Shadow did not bother him.  To him each day was a grand adventure. 
And when you are a bear cub whose head was empty of even a single clue, each day did, indeed, prove to be an adventure—whether that adventure was one worth having only occurred to Hibbs after the fact, if at all.
Hibbs was on the trail of a strange, fabled creature.  Its hoof prints were oddly cloven.  What wonderful sort of animal left such prints?  He almost danced with excitement as he ambled along.
He walked down a steep, grassy, rock-strewn hill.  How sure-footed it must be he thought.  Hibbs wondered what it looked like.
At times the trail faded or vanished entirely, only to be picked up again a few paces away by the keen-eyed bear cub.  He crossed a narrow gully and skipped up the opposite velvet-grassed slope.  As he reached its forested peak, Hibbs skittered back in surprise as a magnificent unicorn, its sharp tusk the color of a sea shell’s insides, reared in front of him.  Its black sharp hooves pawed the air like angry anvils.
With the screaming unicorn rearing as it was, Hibbs had a clear answer as to what sex it was.  Too clear.  Hibbs wrinkled his muzzle and motioned for the unicorn to come down on all fours.
“Every male has those, Mr. Unicorn, so you can just stop the bragging.”
“I am NOT bragging!” thundered the unicorn.  “I am threatening!”
Hibbs turned around in a start, fearing to see some monstrous nightmare creeping up from behind him.  Nothing.  He turned around with an exasperated snort and pointed a paw at the unicorn.
“Very funny, Mr. Unicorn.  There’s no danger back there.”
The unicorn whipped back its flowing mane and snorted, “The danger is in the front of you, Dolt!”
Hibbs cautiously peered around the huge unicorn and only saw the grove of cottonwoods not six paces away.  “Nope.  No danger there either.”
“Azure!” roared the unicorn.
Hibbs looked up at the bright background to the fluffy clouds.  “Ah, I’d say the sky looks more the color of a robin’s egg, Mr. Unicorn.”
“My name!” thundered the unicorn.
Hibbs slapped his tiny arms along both sides.  “How would I know that?  But my name is Hibbs, the cub with no clue.”
The unicorn groaned as he always did when he felt a headache coming on.  “That last is obvious.”
The rage swept over his headache.  “I meant MY name was Azure … the mad unicorn.”
Hibbs frowned, “What are you mad about?”
“Not that mad!” moaned Azure, feeling his headache worsening.
“Oh, that’s good.  I hate being very mad, don’t you?”
Azure hissed, “Yes!  And now, you have made me very, very mad … as well as insane!”
Azure lowered his razored horn, “So I am going to suck the very marrow from your bones!  What do you think of that?”
Hibbs was quite sure he wasn’t smart enough to answer that question.  In fact, the small bear didn’t think there even was a smart answer to it.  So he just said nothing – which is often a very smart thing to do.  But Hibbs was only smart by accident so he did not hurt his reputation.

How is little Hibbs going to get out of this one? 
The answer is in his new book,

To Hibbs, love is stronger than the sorrow it brings 

Hibbs thanks all of you for making his pre-order book
#23 in Kindle's Children's ebooks on fairy tales and myths!


  1. Sorry you're hurting.
    Very cool - what's the official release date?

  2. Alex:
    Just up from my nap. I'm glad you liked the snippet. You can pre-order it now. The official release date is the 30th. Unicorns, dragons, satyrs ... oh, my! :-)

  3. Hibbs might ask a riddle or something to distract the unicorn Azure. As he is somewhat of a pacifist, I expect he is 'more' than he seems. He always manages to turn things around.

    Hope you are healing and feeling better, Roland.

  4. D.G.:
    Hibbs always seems to find a way, that's true. :-)

    Trust in his innocent heart. I am healing a bit. I am going to try to stretch my legs to get some strength back in them. Wish me luck. ;-)

  5. I too am sorry you are hurting. And hope you are resting. And doubt you are resting.
    And have this marvel on pre-order.

  6. Elephant's Child:
    I can no longer say, "No skin off my nose!" The doctor promises the pain will go away faster than last time. Cross your fingers.

    Hibbs wants to give me blueberries, but they only stain my teeth!

    I hope you enjoy little Hibbs' misadventures. :-) Thanks for pre-ordering!