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Friday, November 7, 2014

Shakespeare's STAR WARS!

Verily, a New Hope

History is about to be rewritten. George Lucas didn't write the script for Star Wars. He is a thief and a scoundrel and a hack. 

It's time to announce the truth: 

George Lucas ripped the entire thing off of a hereto unpublished manuscript written by none other than William Shakespeare. 

Come join us and wallow in the joy that is William Shakespeare's Star Wars.

Return once more to a galaxy far, far away with this sublime retelling of George Lucas' epic Star Wars

 (he really did write it, ya know) 

in the style of the immortal Bard of Avon. 

William Shakespeare's Star Wars is the saga of a wise (Jedi) knight and an evil (Sith) lord, of a beautiful princess held captive and a young hero coming of age. 

Star Wars abounds with all the valor and villainy of Shakespeare's greatest plays, and this audio proves it! 

William Shakespeare's Star Wars

'tis a tale told by fretful droids, full of faithful Wookiees and fearsome Stormtroopers, signifying . . . pretty much everything. 

The audiobook is a hoot, especially Darth Vader's soliloquies!

Listen to the free sample on its Audible's page:


  1. Well, that gave me a chuckle this morning. Doubt I'd buy something like that though. I listened to the trailer, I liked that best. Also the audio, but without the visual for the audio, it leaves one wanting. ..

  2. Hi Roland - yes I too can say I chuckled happily. I certainly wouldn't buy it - but I bet it will amuse many ..

    Fun - and thanks .. cheers Hilary

  3. Everybody rips off somebody :)

  4. There are much, much worse ways to start my day than chuckling.
    Thank you.

  5. D.G.:
    Darth Vader's soliloquies are a hoot. As are R2D2's English asides to the audience.

    I bet it would make a great play for a high school to put on!

    I had a free credit to spend so I spent it on this. I smiled and sometimes marveled at the way Ian copied Shakespeare's style.

    And Shakespeare is perfect to steal from -- he cannot sue thee!

    Elephant's Child:
    I'm glad I added a chuckle to your day. :-)

  6. This brought a grin to my lips and a chuckle in my chest.

    I checked my mail! Thanks sooo much. Can't wait to listen.

  7. T. Powell:
    I am glad you got laughter from my post -- I hope you enjoy GHOST OF A CHANCE. :-)