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Monday, July 6, 2015


Sadly, many people are saying that today...

The friends of the 22-year-old man celebrating the Fourth of July 

who was killed instantly over the weekend when authorities said he tried to launch fireworks from atop his head.  

Devon Staples was drinking and put a reloadable fireworks mortar tube on his head, lighting it.  

Mortar tubes are usually made from cardboard and used to hold pre-packaged charges.

Then, there is George Clooney:

"Today our friend, Jerry Weintraub died. To his family and friends, Amal and I send our love. 

And to those who didn’t know him we send our deepest sympathy. You would have loved him.” 

The title to Jerry Weintraub's autobiography is ironic:

Jerry Weintraub was a self-made millionaire who at the age of 26, took Elvis Presley on the road. 

He went on to produce famous films such as the Karate Kid movies and Oceans Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteeen.

The book is  filled with great stories depicting how Weintraub went from working the streets of Brooklyn 

to mixing with the elite at The White House 

and movie stars such as George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts ... 

and singers like Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Led Zepplin, Neil Diamond, The Carpenters, and Jane Morgan, 

whom he later married.

In one word, the book is about persistence:

 “If there’s one piece of advice I can give to young people, to kids trying to break out of Brooklyn and Kankakee, it’s this:

persist, push, hang on, keep going, never give up. 

When the man says no, pretend you can’t hear him. Look confused, stammer, say, “Huh?”. Persistence—it’s a cliché, but it happens to work.”

I listened to the audiobook version narrated by Jerry himself.  

He was a lovable rogue,  The first 2/3 of the book was great.  

Then, Jerry fell victim to the Hollywood syndrome: dump the faithful wife for a newer model.

But the first 2/3 of the book is fascinating ... and which of us is perfect?


  1. He should've got a new sports car instead.
    The idiot that died from the fireworks is yet another Darwin award winner.

    1. He worked at Disney World portraying Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Sad waste of a life.

    2. No one dies as stupidly as Gaston.

  2. Death comes to us all...sometimes He comes laughing...
    When He comes for me I hope to have made a positive influence on those around me, especially my kids...

    1. I am sure you will leave lots of love behind you and loving memories, too!

  3. For years I've head Jerry Weintraub's name; thanks to you he's now become flesh and blood. It's good to know that he was a good man with many friends. Rest in peace.

  4. I forgot to mention that he helped John Denver begin his career with his singing and with the movie OH, GOD.

    I truly enjoyed his tales of his early years and his middle journey. I'm glad I helped you put a face and personality to the name. :-)

  5. Sad when people die and it's worse when that person causes it by something... that sounded like a good idea.

    It's sad when nice people die from age, they hopefully got to share to the world, to friends and family... all that they could.

    Two sad stories, both may I say "rest in peace".


    1. Yes, it is never wise to mix alcohol and gun powder. I agree with you: we must hold those left behind in our love. :-)

  6. This is why I am not keen on fireworks. Georgia legalized more powerful ones for the general public this year. Luckily, there is no one missing a leg or arm from fireworks in the news.
    Alcohol does not mix well with weapons, fireworks, cars or sudden ideas. I say rest in peace to Devon Staples. His friends must have been drunk too, or they should have stopped him.

    1. Fireworks in alcohol-diminished hands is a terrible idea as this proves. Yes, his friends turned their backs on him to continue partying (drinking) and a tragedy happened. :-(

      Thanks for following! :-)

  7. That syndrome about looking for a newer model is one of the great male fantasies. Females looking for younger men (cougars throughout time) are the same. It's like looking for the fountain of youth, unless there is some mutual respect, but generally it's one half's respect for the other's wallet. Sad about the guy with the fireworks, but why didn't his friends stop him?

    1. Yes, sadly it is too tempting to run after the youth that is behind us -- a form of denial of our aging and the death that comes with it.

      Shared or mutual experiences deepen a relationship -- shallow conversations for the May/December relationships. :-(

      His friends had partying on their minds. Sigh.

  8. Replies
    1. That's so nice of you to say. Work and my personal life have been so hectic and chaotic of late it is hard to write anymore. :-(