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Friday, November 11, 2016


"No memory is ever alone.  It's at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own meandering paths." 
 - Samuel McCord

I have come to the end of my own trail ...

It was bound to happen sooner or later ... and so it has.

My last stop along my  

Come with me to the blog of Chrys Fey

Chrys asks me some fairly unusual questions, and I reply in kind.  :-)   

Or at least I try to be entertaining!

Have I saved the best post for the last?  That is up to you to decide.

The ghost of Mark Twain even lends a hand in the proceedings.  Do not miss it.  

Or he might haunt you ... even bringing the ghost of H.P. Lovecraft with him!


Is it also now the END OF THE TRAIL for Patriotism?

Many do not even know the difference between MEMORIAL DAY and VETERANS DAY.

Memorial Day, on the last Monday in May, 

is when we remember and honor men and women who died while serving in the military.  

Veterans Day, on November 11, 

is the day to thank all the men and women who have served in the military during wars and peaceful times.

Kaepernick and other NFL players now sit during the anthem of the country 

for which their fathers and grandfathers died ...

all because our country is not perfect.

Yet, our country was even more flawed when the black 54th Massachusetts Infantry won praise 

for its heroism during the Civil War which resulted in terrible loss of lives.

After the Civil War, 

the Buffalo Soldiers carried on the brave tradition though America was terribly prejudiced against them.

By the beginning of WWII, 

blacks put increasing pressure on the government

for equal treatment for their race in the military and thus was born the Tuskegee Airmen.  

Their fantastic bravery and accomplishments paved the way for integration into the Air Force. 

Now after a century and a half of hard-won battles for better treatment for blacks, 

Kaepernick and others, 

who earn millions of dollars due to the valor and bravery of those thousands that went into the hail of gunfire to win them this opportunity ...

like pouty child-men refuse to honor that sacrifice and sit on their ... aspirations during the anthem.

The graves of their forebears is hallowed ground, 

and they sully it by pouting and sitting like sulky children during the National Anthem.

And they are praised.

Patriotism is dead or at least in the I.C.U. of American culture.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Roland - I see I have written five detailed posts of different aspects of Remembrance Day for the Armistice in 1919 ... this year nothing has come to mind for me to add to them. I'm sure there will be more posts - but this year it's not happening.

    I did write a Last Remembrance post in August for Denise's WIP Gardens blog hop ...

    I am around .. but my mind is elsewhere somewhat ... I do remember - thanks and I'll see you at Chrys' ... cheers Hilary

    1. We tend to dwell on present disappointments and forget the heroes in this country. :-(

      Thanks for always being there for me, Roland

  2. I'll be sure to stop in and see what treasure you've left at Chry's place.

    I loved your tribute to the veterans of our past. It's good to be reminded of all those people who've contributed to protecting us and keeping our freedom.

    And as for the NFL players. . .Of course, we're not perfect, but try disrespecting anything in the governments of countries like North Korea for example and see how long you have the opportunity to show your opinion.

    Let's all be grateful for every vet and all that we have because of them.

    Thanks, Roland.

    1. Lee, I hope you enjoy my post at Chrys's blog. :-)

      You're right: Putin and other world leaders would not abide such conduct.

      But here in America, our laws permit those priviledged millionaires to disrespect the sacrifice of those who won them the right to behave shabbily towards their forebears who paid in blood for their freedom to do so.

  3. I was in college during Kent State. Some students wore ragged camouflage stuff for years. During our dorm, I announced a blood drive, and a firestorm of anti-Vietnam broke out. I told them that my cousin was there, and other boys I knew from my town. Then it quieted down.
    Flags should be flying from houses and Veterans should be honored, as is their due.

    1. I hear you. Those that burn the flag only reveal their spitefulness and hand the argument to those they oppose. Washing the flag would say you feel those in power had dirtied the principles for which this country stands.

      But people hate too easily and think through it too seldom. :-(

      I pray your cousin survived Viet Nam. It was a nightmare country in which to fight.