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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


"Over the Ages, Man has passed on increased knowledge.  

Yet, in politics, statecraft, and social relationships, we continue to repeat old mistakes."  
- Samuel McCord

I stay away from FB mostly.  

I do not engage in political debates on FB.  

Neither person supporting an opposing side is ever persuaded that they are misinformed.


Life is too short to spin my wheels.

Yet, when I am notified in my email that a friend on FB has a birthday, 

I go there to wish her or him a happy birthday.

I did so Wednesday morning to see a post 

where a person was ashamed to be an American now that Trump had won.


Did we awaken to find our country had been the victim of a military coup, and no one told me?


There was an election, and the candidate that many opposed won.

That happens in a democracy.  

Sometimes the person you don't want to win does just that.

You sigh.  You take a deep breath.  

You determine to work harder for your candidate in the next election.

And you go about your life, 

restraining yourself from fanning the fires of discord as much as your disappointment will let you. 

You would have wanted Trump's supporters to get behind Clinton as much as their conscience would let them.

Maybe we might want to do that with Trump?

Neither candidate struck me as fit to run the country.  

It is often overlooked that when you vote for the lesser of two evils, 

you are still voting for evil.

But as was said to those outraged when Obama won:

 Give the man a chance.

No politician is truly the persona they show the voters.  

He may well surprise us.  Let us pray for him and America ...

trying to be good losers and better Americans.


  1. Hi Roland - excellent post ... we have to get on with our own lives but be fair and compassionate to all ... cheers Hilary

    1. Life often goes the way we do not want. We just have to decide to be better not bitter, right? :-)

  2. Think what an entertaining play Shakespeare could have made from this election. Life goes on and a lot of damage or good can be done in 4 years. The voting is over, let the show begin.

    1. Yes, Shakespeare would have a field day writing a play about this election: he excelled in tragedies.

      The DNC did it to themselves with their proven underhanded strategems against Sanders -- where the polls clearly indicated he would win handily over Trump.

      Evil always goes that one step too far and defeats itself in the end.

  3. Well said! We need to pray he does the best job ever, not wish him ill will. We live here - why wouldn't we pray for the best for our country?

    1. Indeed! Why foul the nest where we all live, right?

  4. I avoided Facebook yesterday--a wise decision as it turns out. Honestly, I despise Obama more now than I did when he got in office, but I keep my mouth shut. My husband is calling Hilary supporters hypocrites at this point because they were all talking about how everyone should support whoever is elected right before the election, and now...

    I detest the character of both candidates, but I couldn't in good conscience vote for Hilary. Her husband's presidency is what destroyed my view of presidential integrity (I know, I was naive, but the man lied under oath to the whole country!) and she stood by his side while he did it. In reality, she supports womanizing as much as Trump. For heaven's sake, she's still married to a womanizer. *sigh* But when it comes to policy, I'd much rather have a strong economy that invites business and upholds success rather than one that crushes it (yay socialism) and think everyone should be equal--except for the ruling class. As a history buff, I was looking at their records. Trump gets things done. Hilary loves being in power. Period.

    Truth is, the party system has successfully divided the country (in large part due to the current administration), and I'm ready for the country NOT to be divided. Maybe I'm a dreamer, darn it, we put up with Obama for 8 years. 8 YEARS. We've moved so far into a socialistic society that I'm disgusted. There's a 50% core base of Americans who remember what it's like to work for you own living. I'm sorry America, but I don't think my taxes should pay for your college, housing, phones, etc. I've got my own family to take care of!

    It's time for a change.

    1. Crystal, there is a mindset that demonizes you if you disagree with them -- hence being labeled "Basket of Deplorables". Sigh.

      We are all mostly just folks who try to live the best we can. But I fear there is a power elite who flies over the heartland of our country, totally removed from the struggles of those below who are just barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. That mindset crosses party lines.

      Which I think is why Trump got the votes he did: many just wanted someone from OUTSIDE the Old Boy System which has divided us for too long.

      Government Programs have to be paid for by someone -- and it is certainly not by Wall Street who has heavily backed the two prior Democratic candidates.

      BREAD AND CIRCUSES led to the fall of the Roman Empire. We are perilously close to falling to Rome's fate.

  5. I've taken many anti-acids in the past few days. To the protesters: Get over yourself. If you lose a game, do you go stomping off the field? Throw your bat?

    1. Amazing how for democracy some people are ... until their candidate loses (and Hilary cheated at that against Sanders and Trump!)