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Friday, May 12, 2017


The lauded Publisher's Weekly has posted a review of the anthology

that has the misfortune of having my story in it.

It had some great things to say of Jen Chandler's and Erika Bebee's stories:

"The most moving of the entries carry resonances of rural American folk tales, 

including Jen Chandler’s Appalachia-inspired “The Mysteries of Death and Life” 

and Erika Bebee’s “The Wheat Witch,” which evokes the healing mystique of Kansas agriculture."

Then, there is my story:

"Roland D. Yeomans’s Sometimes They Come Back” is an ambitious but lackluster Poe-esque excursion into the grotesque; 

it’s larded with references to humanity’s graven images, some familiar and some perhaps better left forgotten. 

Few new insights stir the imagination here."

{Scratches his head}

As a former English teacher, I know my story has its roots in Ray Bradbury 

and obviously the reviewer has not read Poe in a long time to liken my story to his prose.

But then, I remember a review of Thinner when Stephen King was using Richard Bachman to sell more novels:

"This is the way Stephen King would write 
if Stephen King could write."

In essence, bad reviews are the price of writing.

What matters is if our prose lives on or dies horribly like characters in Stephen King's novels.

And that depends solely on the future the details of which none of us knows. 

I leave you with the words of Stephen King

The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them.


  1. I wouldn't give it much thought. We all get bad reviews once in a while. It's a part of the game, even if briefly upsetting. Just remember, "Can't sing. Can't act. Balding. Can dance a little." was once used to describe Fred Astaire.

    1. Thanks, David. If this review is used on Amazon's book page for our anthology, it certainly will not help sales! :-)

  2. A review is only the opinion of the person who wrote it. Also - it's much easier to critique than it is to write any story, novel or flash fiction. Take it as a drop of vinegar and toss it over your shoulder. . .that's my opinion.

  3. I agree with DG. Your story is exceptionally haunting and good, Roland.

  4. I believe in your story and all the authors Roland. It's one perspective and everyone has one :)

  5. Tyrean and Erika: I have been chastised by email by various personages of IWSG that my post has besmirched your stories and it was not fair to do so when all of you have worked so hard to promote our anthology.

    If I have hurt you or the others in any way, I deeply apologize.

    I will never submit to another anthology again.