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Monday, August 7, 2017


"There can be a real meeting 
between two people 
at the point where they 
always felt marooned. 
Right at the edge.” 
- Sam Shepard

Love and life are so difficult to define.  

Both are never singular.  There must be two.

Love is utterly singular to each person in each relationship at each moment in time.

 We each love different loves, 

constantly navigating and negotiating the infinite continuum of meaning 

with which we view each lover through eyes that may not even see us as we are. 

Sam Shepard's letters to his life-long friend, Johnny Dark

 explored love as a union of two sovereign alonenesses 

and a mutual awakening to dormant parts of each self.

 Both men belonged to “The Work”

a movement of gatherings based on the spiritual teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, 

whose philosophy was rooted in the idea that 

although our default state is a sort of waking sleep, we are capable of waking up. 

In 1982, Shepard met the actress Jessica Lange on the set of the film Frances, in which he had a supporting role. 

Lange earned an Academy Award nomination and won Shepard’s heart. 

The two entered into an immediate and intense romance 

that effected, as Shepard wrote to Dark, mutual awakening.

What do you think?

Do we mostly live in a waking sleep
 from which only love can awaken us?


Can our dreams awaken us even more?


  1. I think love can awaken us. I think only God's love and our love for Him can truly awaken us though.

    1. And His Love is always there waiting for us to look for Him. :-)

  2. Deep subject and question. :) I think we can love the one were with, as the song says. I don't believe in soul mates--as in there is that one and only waiting for us to love. We may love one person romantically more than another, but we've all seen the perfect love dashed to pieces by one of the lovers. That being said, I think we are to love others (per God's instruction), therefore, if we lose romantic love or even friendship love, we can do it all over again, IF we choose. I hope that made sense. Sort of reads like ramblings. My point being is that WE make love complicated. It's not really complicated at all.

    1. We humans do complicate simple things, don't we? Love is like water, existing in many forms -- no one superior to the other.

      I think you are right: our hearts are tied to our minds which are ever-growing and have room for many in the course of a lifetime.

      I've missed you, Teresa. Life gives me so little time to breathe lately, much less visit!

    2. I've missed you, too. Grief is a beast, but taking time off from my blog was a must. Who knew I would miss my dad so much. I thought I was too old for that. We've butted heads regularly, but I guess that was our "love". :) I hope you get to breathe more. It's necessary.

    3. Goldie Hawn lost her best friend Sunday and wrote in an Instagram:

      My best friend has passed. Please treasure each other. Best friends get us through. Blessings to all this Sunday.

      I grieve that you lost your father. We are never too old to mourn. :-(

  3. I was saddened to hear of Sam Shepard's death, but glad that the NY Times gave him so much coverage. As you and T. Powell mention above, there's no separation between our heart and mind, and that bond makes them powerful together.

    1. There is really no wall between our hearts and minds ... unless we build it ourselves, right? :-)

      Good always to read your words. :-)

  4. The wisdom of the Ying and Yang. How they are so different yet compliment each other and complete the circle. An awakening? Yes. A balance? Yes. A analogy for heart and mind--life and death bending into each other.