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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Melanie Scrofano_ Heart of a Hero

Watch the Behind the Scenes video on YouTube 
to get a feel for Melanie's true heart:

You know her as the hard-living,
hard-drinking cursed heroine,
Wynonna Earp

But Melanie Scrofano is a hero in her own right.  

She was pregnant at the start of the filming of the second season.

 {Courtesy of Michelle Faye & Syfy}

Not to let her co-workers down, Melanie filmed pregnant for all TWELVE episodes, 

holding her own in the shooting --

some of which, being in Canada, 

was done often in exteriors at temperatures of 30 DEGREES BELOW ZERO!

She did many of her own stunts, 

taking ballet lessons (while pregnant!) to increase her stamina and flexibility.

Me, I stub my toe, and I moan so much that folks give me wedges of cheese to go with my whine!

In the climatic scene, 
which was the last scene of the season shot

(Where a friend betrays her 
as she is giving birth on a pool table)

Melanie was fully NINE MONTHS pregnant and feeling terribly unwell.

It is an incredible performance considering her pain, weakness, and nausea, 

but still she pulled tears from all those who watched behind the cameras

as she said good-bye to her new born daughter 

to save her from the Earp curse which killed one sister and tormented another.

It would have been an emotionally draining scene to do for any woman, 
but Melanie pulled it off.

And gave birth FOUR DAYS LATER.

Days ago, Melanie lost her beloved grandmother unexpectedly.

Melanie thought she would be there at her
and her new born's side for much longer.

Take a moment to send healing thoughts her way, and applaud her spirit,
will you?


Melanie just tweeted this:

Tomorrow we say goodbye to my muse. 
Ti voglio tanto bene Nonna. Non sono pronta.

"I love you so much, grandma.
I'm not ready"  


  1. Sounds very admirable. I've never seen the series, though. I don't have cable or satellite. By choice. The only TV watching I do is at a friend's apartment oncew in a while. That, plus I have dozens of DVDs and I still own a couple thousand videotapes.

    1. Uhh, that would be "once," not "oncew."

    2. I watch by Amazon Video myself. And our fingers all get the better of us sometimes -- at least that is what Errol Flynn told all the ladies! :-)

  2. I've been wanting to get into this show, and you just convinced me. Melanie sounds amazingly tough. I am sad to hear about her loss.

    1. Season 1 is on Netflix,and it takes a few episodes to get its footing. But Season 2 can be viewed on Amazon Instant Video, and it soars higher with each episode.

      I think you will enjoy the show. The bond between the sisters is what makes Season One and Two shine. :-)

  3. Wow, all this info is totally new for us. She's strong as a rock and such a role model. One of the best things of this show is the strength and power of the female characters, in all ways...they get to show all women aspects and instances. I think the unexpected pregnancy of Melanie is the best thing that could happened to Season 2.

    Keep in touch fella!

    1. I am so happy, Clara, Denisa, and Fernanda (alphabetical order not to show favorites!) that you took time to read this -- and enjoyed it!

      I agree with you: the women and their unique personalities are the heart of this show.

      I am so impressed with Melanie's spirit and strength in how she was such a rock and role model during her pregnancy.

      Again, you are right: her pregnancy and the skillful way Emily handled it made Season 2 added depth and heart to the stories.

      I promise to keep in touch. Luckily, the internet makes Argentina only a computer screen away. :-) Please, you stay in touch as well.

      You might like another article I did on Wynonna Earp:

      You made my morning brighter by commenting!