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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Do Blog Tours Still Work & How To Do One

Have you wondered if Blog Tours 
are things that have become passe?

A good blog tour is a fine way to build your brand 

and establish some credentials with your target audience. 

If you can get on blogs and websites that actual READERS follow, 

then it is a great way of overcoming the "unknown author" problem. 

Blog tours generally don't equate to a huge uptick in immediate sales. 

 Rather, they raise awareness of you and your brand with the audience. 

Someone may not be looking to buy your book that very second, 

but the next time they go to buy a book they will be more likely to think of you.


All we can do is knock on as many doors as possible.  Blog Tours are an excellent way to do that.

But each post must be different, must be entertaining, 
and must be aligned with the theme and motif of the blog you are visiting.

There must be some worthwhile reward for each visitor to each post.

Take my own DON'T BUY MY BOOK! Blog Tour ...

I didn't just start every guest post with the cover image since that would have them all blend and blur into one another ...

I created images selected from

to highlight themes and characters from my book such as


And I created what I hoped was a unique name for my Blog Tour with its own image:

I hope this helps any of you who are thinking of doing a Book Blog Tour!

And keep an eye out for AWEN RISING by O. J. Barre coming out soon.


  1. We have two author blog tours coming this fall and they do work. The key is to make every post different and get it in front of new potential readers. Plus bring your fans along - a tour should be a win-win for both host and author.

    1. A win/win for both host and author puts wind in the sail of your blog tour I think. I tried to offer 2 prizes to the commenters of each guest post: one of the host's latest work and one of my own book whether in audio or print form. :-)

  2. Thank you for the plug for me and my debut science fantasy, Roland! And thank you for the post, too. This is the step I’m working on now and you answered my biggest question. They are still a thing and they do work.

    1. Done with a unique flair they do work. Just listen to Diane. :-) And she would know as a publisher.

  3. My best wishes for success with the blog tours. I have a Kindle Fire and all the new books, both by known and unknown authors pop up in ads all the time. It almost becomes a turnoff. I'm just reading non-fiction right now, trying as in immigrant to figure out America.

    1. Lots of luck there, Inger! We native born Americans can't seem to figure out ourselves much less our country! :-)