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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Candy Lynn Fite is doing a new FOLLOW MY LEAD Flash Fiction contest:

Follow My Lead Rules:
~Flash or sketch piece must relate to image in some fashion.
~Piece must be 300 words or less.
~Any genre acceptable within the PG-13 rating, unless you'd like to leave a blog link w/story. *Must specify in comment*
~Please leave your contest piece in the comment section of Candy's post.
~Be creative. :)))
*Prize information below image.

There will be one winner for the July FMLFF contest!  Candy's thrilled to gift the winner a copy of Catherine Stine's Fireseed One YA w/cross over appeal Sci-Fi novel!! Read all about it...

"Fireseed One is so full of startling ideas that I couldn't stop reading! Recommended for fans of science fiction, thrillers, or for anyone looking for a story full of big surprises."
-Amy Kathleen Ryan, author of Glow, the first novel in The Sky Chasers series

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Here is my 299 word entry, FREE

The fireworks were spectacular.

That was my word for the day.  Spectacular.  I had another word picked for tonight.


Mama told me sitting on this sil was dangerous.  I could fall off and kill myself.  That was funny and sad at the same time.

Funny in that my window being so high above the other apartment buildings made for a …

spectacular view of these fiery (that had been last night’s word) comets going off so bright in the darkness.

Sad in that there were worse things than dying.  I flinched as I heard Mama’s boyfriend yell louder just beyond my door where Mama stood.

Yeah, there was living.

At first, she just cried when Dr. Doom, as I called her boyfriend, started … visiting my room late at night. 

When I started to walk funny, she seemed to find courage from somewhere and tried to stop him.

Not that it worked.  He was bigger and meaner than Mama.


That was a big cloud of fireworks.  It seemed to just spread out across the whole dark night …

like the fear in my chest was spreading as I heard Dr. Doom yell even louder.

I studied the fireworks leaping and flaring like some ballet of fiery angels.  I jerked as I heard Mama yelp and hit the floor hard.

The exploding stars of green, red, and gold seemed to call out to me. 

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw her boyfriend lumber into the room like some mean bear.

I smiled and sighed.  Time for my word of the night.  I tumbled off the sil into the darkness.
I spread my arms wide as if I were flying.

The wind caressed my hair, my face.  I smiled bigger.
I was free.  Free!  Fre ….



  1. Alex:
    As a family counselor, I saw several cases where the poor abused girl chose this option. It is sometimes a dark world.

  2. Wow. Just, wow. This is so incredibly poignant and sad. The voice was so authentic that it was heartbreaking.

  3. Heather:
    Thank you for that compliment about the voice of the piece. I heard too many young girls sobbing to me as a counselor. Sometimes at night when all is quiet, I hear the murmur of those voices and am haunted by a much too long parade of their hopeless faces. May your Sunday be calm and well, Roland

  4. Awwww this is so sad! :-( I was hoping she'd push Dr Evil Doom off the window sill instead! Bad man!

    Take care

  5. Nice work, Roland. A haunting piece. Did you hear about the fireworks debacle we had on the 4th here in San Diego?

  6. Kitty:
    In real life, the Dr. Doom's leave too many victims in their wake. Thanks for liking my story.

    Thank you for the kind words. I hadn't heard of the debacle. Wow.

    The Big Bay Boom show that was supposed to wow crowds for 20 minutes lasted only about 20 seconds after a computer mishap caused multiple bulb-shaped explosions on the bay,

    lighting the night sky over downtown San Diego and filling the air with deafening booms.

    The San Diego Trolley was packed, hotel rooms facing the bay were sold out, and a patriotic score was set to be simulcast on a local radio station. The show was set to stream live on the Web.

    Instead, the fireworks flop became a hit online by Thursday afternoon, received more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

    Milo, I hoped you were not one of the disappointed on-lookers who had waited hours for the show!