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Wednesday, September 29, 2010




{In the mythos of CAPTAIN OUTRAGEOUS,

Abigail Adams controls the shadow confederacy of American revenants (think vampires on steroids.)

Tomorrow's post will detail why she hates Samuel McCord. A promise to her dead husband prevents her from taking direct action against him.

But to hurt a long-time friend like Ada Byron, daughter of Lord Byron, would bring her much delight.

Sister Magda's only allegiance is to her former husband Father Renfield.

All others must tread warily around this gypsy who is rumored to be the thief who stole the fourth nail from that infamous centurion two thousand years ago.}

I am Ada Byron. I have died and willed myself back to a semblance of life. On this fine New Orleans morning, I may well die again :

I smiled demurely over my dining table at my two uninvited guests. I will not die alone.

Abigail Adams sipped her tea cup of O Negative blood and smiled with red-stained teeth. "This need not end badly, Lady Lovelace."

To my right, Sister Magda spoke softly, "This need not have started at all, Madame President."

There was a soulless giggle from the foyer door. We turned. I sighed. Things had gotten ... interesting. The ghoul, Alice Wentworth, looked at us with blue-fire eyes.

"President," Alice sneered. "Empress is the true title. Empress of the American Revenant Empire."

Eyes which had looked calmly at men being sucked dry of their blood by cold, efficient machines narrowed. "I preside over America Corps, ghoul."

The window suddenly raised from the outside, and the scamp, who had won my and Alice's heart, climbed into the room.

And Victor Standish, the thirteen year old Ulysses, laughed that reckless, gypsy laugh of his.

"That's Miss Ghoul to you. And don't be silly. Call it whatever you want, but if it goose-steps and Sieg Heil's, it's a Nazi."

Alice flowed to his side, clutching his right arm. "Oh, Victor, you shouldn't be here. Adams wants you dead."

He patted her hand lightly. "No. She wants Captain Sam hurt. And you know me, Alice. I always have a plan."

Abigail studied him with slit eyes. "So this is the infamous Victor Standish."

I fought a smile as Victor bowed with a mocking flourish. "At your disservice, your majesty."

Sister Magda growled, "You mentioned a plan."

Victor placed a not-so-humble hand on his chest. "Not my plan. DayStar's, whoever the hell he is."

Sister Magda husked, "Apt way of putting it."

I had never seen Abigail frightened before. It suited her. She swallowed hard.

"What do you mean, boy?"

Jerking a bold thumb his way, Victor said, "Me, being me, I've just found out that this DayStar is in the midst of planning something final for Captain Sam."

Sister Magda shook her head in disbelief. "And this saves you from Abigail just how?"

I whispered, "What she said."

Victor walked up to Abigail. "By all means, kill me."

Alice trilled, "Are you insane?"

Victor leaned forward, hugging a stiffening Abigail around her rigid shoulders. "Kill me, and, of course, you throw Captain Sam off his game."

She glared at him. "You call this a plan to save your life?"

"But you also take the thrill from this DayStar when he defeats Captain Sam because he really didn't do it all on his own."

Victor winked at her suddenly hollow eyes. "Imagine how pleased he'll be with you."

Abigail's eyes became windows into Hell. "You think yourself clever but are not. I will not move against you nor Samuel McCord."

She leaned forward. "Death wears three faces, Standish. Bad, worse, and worst. You have chosen the third."

Though it was summer I shivered.
More on the woman who wrote the first computer program a 100 years before the invention of the computer :


  1. (= I like the fantasy world you have created with historical characters.
    I read Those Who Love by Irving Stone. I got to know Abigail Adams in that book.
    Fun to see her sipping blood. Haha!

  2. Jo : Glad you liked my historical horror/fantasy world. Thursday's post is told through the dying eyes of John Adams as he makes a bold, strange request of a 26 year old Samuel McCord.

  3. Truly fascinating characters. I keep finding new ways to describe your style - today's is "elegant". I don't know if others see that, but I do.

  4. Wendy : Thanks. I'll take elegant. It fits Lady Lovelace. Victor's just a scamp.

  5. I thought this was clever of Victor. The DayStar threat.

    Waiting to find out why Abigail hates good old Sam:0

  6. Grrrrr!!!! Blogger wont let me comment!!!!

  7. Unless, of course, I'm griping! Anyway, I love the history in this. Also, that you give me stuff to go and look up. Victor is pretty terrific!