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Sunday, September 19, 2010


{"I could a tale unfold whose lightest


Would harrow up thy soul."

-Shakespeare : HAMLET I. v.}

{Ghost of Samuel Clemens : I should have gone with Roland.

I followed. But too late. Too late.

His charred journal tells us Roland saved Epona, the last unicorn,

only to see her race off deeper into Hell.

Are all our strivings merely empty boxing with the wind?

DayStar was mocking Roland when we last left him ....}

Behind me, DayStar chuckled, "All know the way to Hell but none know the way out."

I kept watching Epona until she blinked out of sight over the smoldering horizon, and I kept on watching for a moment more as I called back over my shoulder.

"I'm considering the source of those words."

"As you yourself once told me : the best lie is sandwiched between two truths."

I turned around and smiled sad. "You just challenge me to figure out what's the lie and what's the truth, is that it?"

He studied me like a scientist would a glass slide under a miscroscope. "That would be telling. And the scant amusement you afford me is watching you stumble over the truth right in front of you."

"Well, just so long as I have a purpose in life."

Something disturbing flickered deep within his eyes, then died before I could catch what it was as he murmured, "Oh, yes, primate, you have a purpose."

"Cue the spooky music," I muttered and turned to walk to my left, but his hand settled firm on my shoulder.

"You insist on scattering myths about you."

He glanced to his left. My eyes followed his. I stiffened. Epona. Or really an after-image of her, rearing and pawing at the darkness with her hooves. I shivered at the joy in her eyes.

I shrugged his hand off my shoulder. "I have a friend to get out of Hell."

The shadows masked all but his gray eyes, and even they seemed to be full of darkness. "In the hour you will die."

"Staying alive's not part of the job."

He cocked a brow. "Winning by dying?"

"Been done before."

He smiled like a satisfied wolf. "Your own personal Alamo, is it?"

"There are worse fates."

"You have a most peculiar code."

"Look who's talking."

"I have no code."

"Non servium."

"Oh, that. In that case, welcome to the club."

"Well, considering where I am it would seem to fit."

DayStar's face was suddenly hidden by shadow as if he did not want me to see it. "You have never fit, never conformed. It is why you will soon die."

"Probably so."

"But you will not relent, will not surrender."

"Probably not."

"In that case ...."

His eyes flared with actual flames, as his right hand gestured like a sword, "Go to Hell!"

Blackness swallowed me as I felt myself lifted off my feet and hurled down, down, down. I tumbled head over heels in billowing clouds of darkness and mist.

Faintly from above, I heard DayStar's bitter words, "The true pain, DreamSinger, is not the fall but the surviving it."


  1. Ah, I believe Roland scares the crap out of DayStar. And frustrates him, too. If he really is who he says he is, he is a liar through and through. When his mouth is open, he's lying.

    Thing is, the best lies do carry a grain of truth...

    But the code is one of the best ways to live. Is it Hemingway's code? Do your very best in the face of certain defeat?

    I have to go look up that phrase that looks like Latin.

    I'm liking the Hell part almost better than all the rest. It's very intense, atmospheric, deep, critical, and just plain good!

  2. interesting dynamics between these two: Roland and Daystar. Neither seems to go long without the need to taunt the other.

    Very interesting.

    I was kinda wondering what happened to Sam McCord? I haven't had time to really read all the prior posts - wow have I really been gone that long? - but I've browsed through them to catch up the gist of the story.

    Hopefully, Epona does find her way out of Hell.

    Your cast of characters for this series is so varied; and I'm learning a lot of mythology. You're an excellent teacher Roland.

    Congrats on the partial requests. It will happen soon for you. I hope the rejection post doesn't mean they were all rejected. Thats one I plan on going back to read further.

    I finally updated my own blog today, and had some awards to pass out. I left one for you. I'm on my rounds letting all the recipients know.

    Take care this week humble blood courier :) I'll try to get by more frequently.


  3. Sheesh, I thought he was alREADY in hell. No he's hurtling toward...what? Shudder.

    Hey! Did you get another partial request?? :)

    ~ that rebel, Olivia

  4. OK now I am worried. Epona is in Hell, Roland is plummeting towards Hell and Daystar is in charge. I am hoping Epona in Hell is just a conjured vision to taunt Roland.