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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Gay-rights groups are urging a boycott of donations to the iconic holiday bell-ringers,

saying the Salvation Army has a history of discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people --

a charge the charity denies.

On the streets of New Orleans (a rather colorful town with even more colorful people) after Katrina, I never saw the Salvation Army turn ANY ONE AWAY no matter their lifestyle or life choices.

All that mattered was that they were in need.

Many of the the Salvation Army workers had lost their homes. Nonetheless they were still serving fellow victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Salvation Army didn't need to wait until New Orleans was declared a Disaster Area --

they were already there. They saw need. They helped as best as their finances would allow. Finances that certain groups would wither.

“We are urging a boycott of the Salvation Army because it uses its selective interpretation of the Bible to promote discrimination against LGBT people in employment benefits and leadership positions within the Army,” Andy Thayer, co-founder, Gay Liberation Network, told in an email.

"Of all the very many, often bizarre, prohibitions mentioned in Leviticus, the Army chooses to single out and promote the few prohibitions against gays, which suggests to us that it is bigotry, not literal Bible belief, that motivates their actions."

"Nothing can be further from the truth," Lt. Col. Ralph Bukiewicz, divisional commander of the Salvation Army Metropolitan Division, told on Wednesday.

The charitable organization notes that its services are available to all who qualify, without regard to sexual orientation.

“In our policies, in our practices, in our programs and in our eligibility for any service within the Salvation Army,

there is not a request for any details concerning sexual orientation,” says Bukiewicz.

He further added, "there is no scriptural support for demeaning or mistreating anyone for reason of his or her sexual orientation.

The Salvation Army opposes any such abuse.”

I have stated that I am giving 100% of the profits for THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH and UNDER A VOODOO MOON to the New Orleans Salvation Army.

After reading of this boycott, I am giving 100% of the profits from ALL my books this November and December to the New Orleans branch of The Salvation Army.

Denying funds to The Salvation Army only hurts the already hurting that the organization helps in every major U.S. city.

Have we forgotten the true spirit of the Christmas Season?



  1. Whoever started this bad propaganda is pathetic.

  2. Braine :
    There are just some folks who demand consideration from others but seem unable to give it to others. Always good seeing you here, Roland

  3. Thank you, Anna :
    But the Salvation Army was wonderful to me when I was six and then much later on the streets of Katrina. I could do no less.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Roland

  4. I think all charitable organizatiions are subject to poor publicity. You just can't please everyone, and somebody will always find a fault, if they look hard enough.

    Very generous of you Roland, to donate your proceeds. I hope they are many . .


  5. I've seen the boycott being spread on FB and wondered what was going on since I've only had good experiences with Salvation Army. Thanks for being so upfront with the information and of course for your donations!

  6. The Sallie Army is always there to help. I wonder if the Gay Liberation Network helped as much during/after Katrina as did the Sallies? Good on you for donating to them Roland!


  7. Donna :
    I hope a lot of people ignore the hue & cry and donate. If they buy any of my books, they not only donate to the Salvation Army, but they get a not-too-shabby story to laugh or fret along with!!

    Erica & Christy :
    Spread the good word about the Salvation Army -- and if it appeals to you about the profits of all my books this month going to them. Somewhere in any of my novels you will find laughter and a bit of magic to go with the holidays! Have a great Christmas, ladies, Roland

    Denise :
    It is always for some to point fingers than lend a hand. Sigh. The Salvation Army helped me twice. It seemed to be time for me to repay them in some small way. A gift of one of my books to a friend now gives your friend a smile and the Salvation Army a little more to buy food for the hungry, clothes for the shivering.

    Have a great Holiday Season, Roland

  8. Denise :
    Oops. I meant to type : it is always EASIER for some to point fingers than lend a hand. That will teach me to fast type on my 10 minute work break!! Roland

  9. Bravo, Roland. No one can deny the Salvation Army has done an extraordinary amount of good in it's long history, and this boycott to withhold funds is egregious.

    The Salvation Army is a conservative Christian group, that holds conservative Christian beliefs. They've never claimed to be anything else. Do I agree with those beliefs? Hell no. But I support their right to believe as they choose, just as I support their efforts to do good.

    It is *my* decision whether I can reconcile my beliefs with theirs and give. But to organize a boycott is wrong. It's a cheap way to politicize helping others. Bottom line: regardless of the organization's beliefs, there is not a shred of evidence that the Salvation Army has ever denied anyone services based on sexual orientation. And that, my friend, is what matters.

  10. It is sad that an organization can get a bad name based off only rumors. It would do us all good to remember that rumors are horrible things and unless we know something for a fact, chances are it's not true. Thank you so much for this important reminder!

  11. VR :
    How great to see you here. Yes, it seems an off-kilter campaign. You have a point : to stop giving to a Buddhist charity because it follows the teachings of Buddha would be just as illogical.

    And to me, it makes those who birth the campaign seem mean-spirited -- hardly doing their own cause much good.

    My best friend is agnostic. Think the young priest,Gregory Peck,and the atheistic doctor,Thomas Mitchell, in THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM (I saw that movie classic when a child on a classic marathon weekend).

    Healthy minds do not insist on everyone believing as they do to appreciate the good in those around them.

    Thanks for understanding, Roland

    Heather :
    It is sad. You throw mud at a white barn -- it may dry and fall off, but the stain remains. Thanks for agreeing -- I'm looking forward to having you at Mesmer's tomorrow for your interview. Roland