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Monday, December 26, 2011


I truly envy the six million of you new Kindle owners.

A whole new world of reading pleasure is beckoning for you to travel its open seas.

You are going to discover that with the ease of the Kindle, you will be finding yourself reading more.

I'm sure you've already downloaded some of your favorite authors. You've probably already found one of their books can cost you anywhere from ten dollars to fifteen each.


So you're thinking of trying one of the 800,000 more affordable ones Kindle offers. But where to start?

14 authors have sold more than a million ebooks. Why not punch in their names in the Amazon Search box to see if any tickle both your fancy and your pocket book at the same time. John Locke is #8 and charges only 99 cents. Give one of these 14 a shot :

1. Stieg Larsson

2. James Patterson

3. Nora Roberts

4. Charlaine Harris

5. Lee Child

6. Suzanne Collins

7. Michael Connelly

8. John Locke

9. Janet Evanovich

10. Kathryn Stockett

11. George R.R. Martin

12. David Baldacci

13. Amanda Hocking

14. Stephenie Meyer

I guarantee you that you will begin to love your Kindle before this year ends. You will read a review of a book, say in THE NEW YORK TIMES, and be able to sample for free the first few pages. How cool is that?

If Christmas shopping and purchasing the above authors leaves you with a free dollar, why not check out one of my books?

To get to this post, you saw a few trailers of my books. Watch one to see if it interests you.

The good news with my books is that through January, 100% of the profits go to the Salvation Army. And if you find yourself absorbed in an entertaining story on top of helping a worthy organization, you'll be a double winner.

My two most popular books are :



You are going to love your new Kindle. It is your passport to a broader horizon of reading pleasure. May it be only the first of a long string of happy surprises for you this upcoming New Year!


  1. A great post Roland. Just visited your Christmas post below too. I hope in wars the world over there's been a truce, but I somehow think the world's gotten meaner since 1914.

    My kindle is filling up fast.


  2. That's a generous offer, Roland.
    Coming up on two years and I've still never purchased an eBook for my iPad that was close to fifteen bucks. Not when there are so many great books under ten bucks.

  3. You're right, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Kindle Fire and I only fill it with books, nothing else. I initially vowed to stay loyal to physical books but Fire converted me to ebooks in a heartbeat. I just tell myself that I'm saving the world a lot of trees.

    Happy Holidays Roland and I wish you the best with Victor, I truly loved him.

  4. I bought myself a Kindle Touch for my October birthday (and had to wait until almost December to get it grrrr).

    The Legend of Victor Standish is one of the first books I bought. Enjoying it so far! Totally worth the price.

    Great job, Roland.

  5. I, too, am envious of all those new Kindle owners :-)

  6. My Kindle (Gizmo) is over a year old now, and we're still getting along fabulously. So many FREE ePub books that can be changed to mobi with free programs like Calibre. Good luck on your own sales, and very cool of you to include the Salvation Army!

  7. Denise :
    I believe you're right. The Christmas Truce would not even be attempted in today's cold-hearted world. I know what you mean about your Kindle filling up. Now to find the time to read those books, right?

    Alex :
    Yes, there are so many great books out there for under $10. But to get Stephen King's latest on time-travel to the time of Kennedy's assasination, I had to pay $14.99! Ouch!!

    Braine :
    Victor is glad you liked him. Alice, though, is jealous! LOL. I'm really happy that you're enjoying your Kindle Fire. Being the child at heart that I am, I downloaded SUPER 8 and CAPTAIN AMERICA. May your New Year be all you wish it to be!

    Robynn :
    Victor is now in danger of getting a big head. Not to worry. Alice will keep him humble! LOL. Thank you for the nice words about LEGEND. I hate that you had to wait so long for your Kindle.

    May the rest of this year and all the next be special days for you, Roland

    Sarah :
    I hear that this January, England will be Kindle-friendly. I hope so. May your holidays have only happy surprises!

    Milo :
    Mine is two years old and is my traveling companion on the road when I have to wait for a rare blood hand-off. The Salvation Army was there for me and so many others all these years, I thought I would be there for them now. Happiest of holidays!! Roland