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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here is my 322 word excerpt from BEST OF ENEMIES for this Friday's Romantic Challenge:

How much can a mind take before it descends into madness?

Here in the haunted jazz club, Meilori's, I look at the two girls I hold to blame for Victor's death. I would hate them if they did not hate themselves for their actions.

We are dressed similarly. A maniac killer is stalking the already death-laden streets of the French Quarter. Katrina's devastation has rendered the night devoid of light and police.

The victims are always female. They are always young. They are always prostitutes.

We three have decided to lure in a killer. Despite how young we look, we are quite accomplished killers.

I look into the hopeful eyes of Becca and Trish. Yes, hopeful. If we find the killer, and he kills us, it will all be over for us. If we kill him or it, no more girls will die in grotesque ways.

I look at Trish and Becca, and it is like looking into a store's compartmentalized mirror. I smile. It feels like an open wound. If Victor were here, he would tease me about the odd way I label modern items.

Having been born in 1840 and spending most of the following years in the shadows, I am ignorant of so much in today's society. I fight back a sob. I am ignorant of so much.

As I was ignorant about the grief of lost love ... until Victor died.

They never tell you how much grief is like fear. The same yawning emptiness in the chest, the same restlessness, the same silent scream in your head for it all to just go away.

"Let us go hunt the hunter," Becca says low.

Trish's lower lip trembles, "I-It won't bring Victor back."

I think of being the killer's next victim. "But it might bring us to Victor."

We go out into the shadows. The silence is so heavy that I can taste it. The darkness so utter that it cuts.

I do not mind.  It is where I now live.


  1. That is a moot question...and a very poignant excerpt.

  2. Thank you, Damyanti:
    Alice is in a very dark place there, Roland

  3. Thanks all of you f0r having downloaded RITES OF PASSAGE, Roland

  4. I like the fatalism of these women. I hope they catch IT. They deserve to.

    Take care

  5. It's from Alice's point of view? Then either way she wins.

  6. Beautiful excerpt Roland. I feel terrible for her.

  7. Kitty:
    Her tale is one of being careful what you hunt, for you may find it!

    That's what she thinks, but sometimes you grow to care for those you never felt you could.

    Thanks. She, Becca, and Trish find some happiness and laughter along the way ... the way to Ragnarok and the End of Days. Like Victor, Alice becomes legend.

  8. Strong, heavy emotions. Sounds like Alice is taking on Victor's "voice" in her grief. Fatalistic was the first expression to come to my mind too.

    Thanks for sharing your excerpt this week Roland. And the Jesse Cook video; love that guitar.

    BTW, you forgot to add your link to RFW

  9. Donna:
    Alice has a reason for taking on his "voice" despite her Victorian mindset ... unknown to her, Victor's spirit is residing within her. Cue the spooky music.

    The trouble with being fatalistic is that it leads you to final endings just at the moment you realize you've overlooked something vital and you do have something to live for! Roland

    Thanks for visiting.

    Isn't Jesse Cook a great artist? Roland

  10. The darkness so utter that it cuts.
    This sentence for me encapsulates your whole excerpt. Very atmospheric, tense...waiting to see what transpires now. Well done Roland.

    If you still haven't linked, I'll do it for you now.


  11. Denise:
    Oops!~ I hadn't linked~ Wow. Working a crazy weekend as a blood courier has switched me around!! Thanks for linking for me. I need a vacation!!! Thanks for having my back. I was thinking nobody liked me anymore! :-) Roland

  12. Hello Roland,
    Dark and compelling as usual.
    Love the Jesse Cook music. Thanks for sharing.

    Last Dance

  13. Dear Roland,

    Oh my goodness! Did I miss something here? Did Victor Standish get killed?
    When or in which book did that happen? What a dark story.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's RFW challenge 35

  14. Hi Roland
    Another great excerpt. Well written and surprising. Did Victor die? Somehow I think he might come back.

  15. Hi,

    Hear the clapping? ((()))

    Classic Roland. You're genius knows no bounds when it comes to getting Alice and Victor cued for a part in any scenario!

    Great piece...;)